Man charged with punching ex-wife over rent money

A 37-year-old man was arrested Thursday after he reportedly punched his ex-wife while he attempted to steal her rent money in January.

Luis Fino Nabarrette III was charged with burglary of habitation, a second-degree felony, and failure to identify fugitive with the intention to give false information, a class A misdemeanor.

Nabarrette also has three failure to appears for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (family violence), a second-degree felony, driving with invalid license, a class B misdemeanor, and operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility, a class B misdemeanor.

The reported burglary happened at 11:42 a.m. Jan. 18 in the 2400 block of West 14th Street, an OPD affidavit detailed.

Nabarrette reportedly attempted to steal his ex-wife, Angelica Nabarrette’s, rent money. Luis Nabarrette was removed from the house in December 2018 after he reportedly assaulted his ex-wife.

Angelica Nabarrette stated her ex-husband broke into her residence through the garage door and damaged the door and frame, the affidavit stated. She stated her ex-husband demanded money and she refused to give it to him.

Luis Nabarrette reportedly lunged for his ex-wife’s rent money, which totaled $1,200. Angelica Nabarrette stated her ex-husband used a closed fist and punched her in the face. Officers saw a minor visible injury to her bottom lip.

Angelica Nabarrette stated her youngest daughter called 911 during the assault while her other two daughters attempted to stop the assault from happening.

One of the daughters grabbed the door handle and prevented Luis Nabarrette from leaving, the affidavit stated. Luis Nabarrette reportedly grabbed the girl off the door and struck her in the upper cheek.

Luis Nabarrette fled through the garage leaving behind a black t-shirt, one white tennis shoe and some keys, the affidavit stated.

Officers were dispatched in reference to a wanted subject at 10:51 p.m. Thursday to Archies Club, located at 1021 N. Adams Ave., an Odessa Police Department affidavit detailed.

Officers reportedly identified Nabarrette inside the bar. Officers exited the bar and waited for backup. Nabarrette exited the bar and officers made contact with him. Nabarrette identified himself as 37-year-old Michael Garcia.

Nabarrette was arrested, charged and transported to the Ector County Law Enforcement Center. He has five bonds totaling $86,000 and was still in custody as of Friday afternoon, jail records show.