Lots of puppies wanted from the jolly ol’ elf

Elementary students in Odessa shared their letters to Santa with the Odessa American this year. 
Poor ol’ St. Nick will really have a sleigh full of puppies if all these kiddos get their way.
We think little Olivia wins Christmas for asking Santa to help her mom relax ‘because she is always cleaning.’
Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at the Odessa American.
Here are a few:
Dear St. Nick,
I whunt a puppy carig
Dog dlothes
Stuft toy that is a puppy
Everything that has a dog
I hope you have a grate Christmas
St. Nick!

Dear St. Nick,
For Christmas I want a gut puppy. And a electric scooter. And a 3D puzl and I want it as Charlee Brown. And my mom to relaks because she is always cleening.

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want games and a puppy and a cat. And puppy toys and cat toys and a hores.
Dear St. Nick,
I want a puppy car and a puppy to go with it. And a ball to go whit it. And a puppy bath and a papa pig game.

Dear Santa,
I would like a Iphone 12 and a Frozen 2 bed set and a frozen 2 scooter and a frozen 2 water botl and a frozen 2 book and a puppy of Mrs Borbess and a cat.

Dear Santa,
I wot to a now pigbut it is a yunucorn that havs a strege
Aubri (age 6)
I whawt a pusl and a Big frozen howse and a dols.
Ameerah (age 6)

Dear Santa,
I wish to get a tablit,
I wish to get nerf guns and nerf igolits
I wish for Santa to be the best year.
Caden (age 7)

Dear Santa
I wish I can get a mirmad tail for me and my little sitter
thaks Santa
Sophie (age 6)

Dear Santa.
I wut a Rocet Sate.
Armaan (age 6)

Dear Santa
For chismas I want a uper bord. And I want new boots and I want new shews.
Prince (age 5)

Dear Santa
I wot a noe pi50
Ha Santa I noe that yon wrk evr day
Ethan (age 7)