Landgraf’s active shooter alert bill passes out of Senate committee

Legislation by State Rep. Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) to reportedly create the Texas Active Shooter Alert System took another step to become a law as it was passed unanimously out of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee on Tuesday.

The news that the Texas Active Shooter Alert System passing unanimously out of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee was announced via press release. May 4 also happens to be the birthday of the bill’s namesake, Leilah Hernandez.

“To get HB 103 over this important hurdle on this special day is a big deal,” Landgraf stated in a press release. “The Leilah Hernandez Act is one step closer to going into effect to keep Texans safe.”

Landgraf reportedly crafted House Bill 103 after working with families of victims from the August 31, 2019, mass shooting when a mobile gunman killed 7 people and injured 25 others across Odessa and Midland. Hernandez, a 15-year-old Odessa High School student, was the youngest victim killed that day.

“I hope this is welcome news to Leilah’s family, who are still grieving along with the friends and family of the other victims on that horrible day. I will continue to work hard to ensure we get this bill across the finish line in honor of all of those we have lost,” Landgraf stated in the press release.

HB 103 will now go to the Senate floor to be debated by the full Senate, the press release stated. The bill will head to the governor’s desk to be signed into law if it successfully passes out of the Senate before the end of the month.

Senator Judith Zafferini, a long-standing and well respected member of the Texas Senate, is sponsoring HB 103 in the Senate.