Landgraf votes to authorize arrest of absent Democrats

State representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) and 79 other members of the Texas House of Representatives have voted to authorize the civil arrest of the members of the House who left their posts in an effort to stall pending business in the Texas Legislature, according to a press release by Landgraf’s staff.

The Texas Constitution requires at least two-thirds of members to be present in order for the Texas House and Senate to conduct business during a legislative session.

The House Rules allow for a majority of members present to vote to arrest absentee members if it is necessary to secure a quorum of the 150-member Texas House.

The press release stated that any arrests made as a result of this action would be civil, not criminal.

Upon arrest, under these orders, the absentee legislators wouldn’t be taken to jail, but instead to the Capitol.

The current special session is scheduled to last from Aug. 7 until as long as Sept. 5.

If the agenda items for the session are not passed into law before the session ends, another 30-day session could be called by Texas governor Greg Abbott.