Heavy rains result in flooding, stranded motorists

Nearly 6 inches of rain pounded Odessa over the weekend, leaving many side streets flooded and impassable and stranding dozens of motorists.

According to Odessa Fire Rescue reports there were 21 water rescues since Saturday and 28 motorist assists. No serious injuries were reported, officials said.

“That’s definitely a lot of rain for Odessa,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Matt Johnson said Monday morning. “But we needed it.”

About 2.9 inches of rain drenched Odessa during a 24-hour period Sunday through early Monday morning, leaving many roads still flooded, Johnson said.

That rainfall left many side streets and alleys flooded this morning, making traveling difficult for motorists this morning.

“Everyone needs to be careful and avoid those flooded roadways,” Johnson cautioned.

Due to the rain, city trash services were delayed due to flooded alleys and landfill conditions, Odessa’s Director of Communications Devin Sanchez said.

For the past several weeks West Texas has been blistered with daytime temperatures hovering in the 100s and high 90s, Johnson said. Temperatures finally dipped into the 80s on Sunday.

Scattered showers are likely and temperatures are expected to hover in the low 80s through Friday, Johnson said. Sunshine and warmer temperatures are expected to return this weekend.