Habitat for Humanity ReStore is in need

MIDLAND For 30 years now, Habitat for Humanity Midland has built more than 160 homes, helping people in the community find decent, affordable housing.

The ReStore, which has been in business since 2002, has sold donated building supplies such as furniture, windows, doors and etc to contribute to the habitat’s housing ministry.

Lately, the ReStore in Midland has found itself low on inventory and is asking the public to donate items.

ReStore Director Tammy Schmidt says there have been a number of reasons because of the low supplies, including the pandemic, which has affected the economy.

“It’s been extremely low, ever since the economy hit,” Schmidt said. “I know there’s been a lot of shifting and people have had other things going on. Changing their own furniture or making changes right now but yeah, inventory has been at an all-time low right now.”

However, things have been starting to pick up in the last few weeks but Schmidt is hopeful that the number of donations will increase in order to help the Habitat for Humanity to continue to achieve its mission.

“We’ve been hit really hard, but it’s starting to pick up,” Schmidt said. “We’re still really particular. Sometimes when we put out that we need donations. We’ll get a lot of calls about people who are emptying out their garages or have dressers that they no longer use. We want to be a place where people know they can find good, quality, furniture and home décor at a great price.”

Items that are not accepted at the ReStore include mattresses, clothing, gas appliances, dishwashers, double ovens and ceiling fans, just to name a few.

The ReStore takes the items and sells them at a reduced cost which then funds the building of the homes.

While the ReStore is in desperate need of furniture that’s in great shape, Schmidt says they are not a garage sale.

“We do not want your broken things that are a project,” Schmidt said. “We want great furniture. The furniture that we have and receive from people are goodwill donations and fantastic. That’s what makes the difference. Not only are they getting a great deal and a great piece of furniture or appliance, but you’re also helping build a home. We’re just really low on inventory and need people that instead of selling it themselves, call us and have us pick it up.”

Schmidt says the Midland Habitat for Humanity is coming off a record-setting year in which they built 16 homes which was doubled what they did the previous year.

“We have had incredible donors,” Schmidt said. “I’m impressed. We have had people who have come to Midland, or have been moved by choice, or moving somewhere else that have literally donated a house-full of furniture. I’ve been blessed in so many ways to get that furniture inventory.”

While the economy has been slow in the past year because of COVID-19, Schmidt said they have seen an increase in office donations.

“We’ve had a lot of offices close or downsizing, so we’ve have a lot of great office furniture but we’re really in need of household furniture right now,” Schmidt said.

One added bonus of giving to the ReStore is that people can receive a tax receipt for their donations while helping families in need at the same time.

“There are a lot of people that tax receipts benefit them more than selling it on their own,” Schmidt said. “We give everyone who wants one a tax receipt that they can file with their taxes.”

Despite only having three full-time employees, Schmidt says they are a hard, working crew.

“We’re trying to be diligent with other people’s money,” Schmidt said. “We don’t want to hire a big staff and eat up the profits that could go towards building a new home.”

People are encouraged to call the ReStore at 432-682-9606 and ask if they are unsure about an item.