New bond issue, re-zoning talks begin

The Ector County Independent School District Board of Trustees will meet in a work session at 6 p.m. today to discuss another bond and tax ratification election.

Rezoning of middle schools, kindergarten through second- and third- through fifth-grade schools, along with rezoning of middle and elementary schools will be discussed.

In November 2017, voters rejected a $291,172,291 bond and a tax ratification election.

On the bond issue, 61.81 percent of people voted against the bond and 38.19 percent voted for it, or 4,442 against and 2,744 in support.

On the tax ratification election, 60.04 percent, or 4,312 people voted against it, and 39.96 percent, or 2,870, were for it.

A discussion of the possibility of having a tax ratification election for either June or September is on the agenda. Other than teachers and bus drivers, no one has had a raise in two years, supplemental agenda material said. The roofs from the hail storms in both 2016 and 2017 leave the district $6.7 million short of meeting its deductible requirements and the insurance company is still assessing the damage, the material said.

There are only 11 schools that have controlled access entrances which were included in the failed 2017 bond election and the material said they all need to be addressed.

The TRE to be discussed would be for 8 cents per $100 valuation, which would generate approximately $11 million, the material said. The 8 cents would be added to the district’s $1.04 maintenance and operation rate. The total tax rate is currently $1.15 per $100 valuation, so this would make it $1.23 per $100 valuation.

Board members also will discuss the possibility of convening a bond committee made up of some of the same members from the 2017 group, but with more members to determine the direction the community wishes to move in. The people on the list still have to be contacted to see if they would be willing to serve.

The district has hired TranCend4, a company specializing in bond elections to help guide the community through the process, the supplemental material said. The cost is $26,000, plus expenses which include flights, car/Uber, hotel and meals.

The board also will discuss timeline requirements for meetings with improvement required elementary campuses and the feeder campuses into improvement required middle school campuses.

They will also discuss the timeline for the meetings with the IR middle school campuses.

ECISD has eight campuses on improvement required status under state accountability standards. Ector Middle School and Noel and Zavala elementary schools are in their fifth year of IR. If they do not come off the list, they will face closure or the Texas Education Commissioner will appoint a board of managers over the whole district.

Recommended Bond Committee Members:
  • Grayson Hankins
  • Charles Carlson
  • Lisa Wyman
  • Jeff Russell
  • Collin Sewell
  • David Duree
  • Cruz Castillo III
  • Tim Jones
  • Pano Mata
  • Dick Saulsbury
  • Anita Campbell
  • Sondra Eoff
  • John Bushman
  • Chris Cole
  • Tommy Salmon Jr.
  • Ed Price
  • Mark Windham
  • Betsy Triplet‐Hurt
  • Peggy Dean
  • Virgil Trower
  • Odell Crawford
  • Lynn Van Amburgh
  • Renee Earls
  • Griff Jones
  • Byron McWilliams
  • Mike Morrow
  • Vaughny Taylor
  • Dawn Darwin Weaks
  • Fr. Mark Woodruff
  • Marcus Zuniga
  • Gerald Tomlinson
  • Tawana Cherry
  • Conrad Turner
  • Mary Ann Bagley
  • Lorraine Perryman
  • Faye Batch
  • Daniel Harper
  • Wesley Burnett
  • Joann Davenport-Littleton
  • Tatum Hubbard
  • Gilbert Vasquez
  • Chris Stanley
  • Laree Morris
  • David Munger David
  • Brandy Ham
  • Aron Byford
  • Cid Cisneros
  • Tania Hall
  • Misty Allen
  • Johnny Aldes
  • Crystal Sanchez
  • Kimberly Poor
  • Jackie White
  • Dave Thomas
  • Glenda Vardeman
  • Nancy Flores
  • Veronica Rios
  • Steven Hill
  • Bobby Bland
  • Jerry Lopez
  • David Turner
  • Marcia Cleaver
  • JJ Speck
  • Gino Solla
  • Michael Marrero
  • Steve Steen
  • Greg Williams
  • Virginia Chisum
  • Mike Garza
  • Simona Rivas
  • Oscar Corral
  • Gilbert Garcia
  • Hank Herrick
  • Kylen Kafer
  • Katherine Kirk
  • Ruth Nastase
  • Jeff Turner
  • Heather Valenzuela
  • Christy Martinez
  • Mauricio Marquez
  • Alicia Press
  • Linda Voss
  • Bobbie Duncan
  • Carol Horton
  • Phyllis White
  • Hortencia Delbosque
  • Hector Mendez
  • Gene Collins
  • Karen Howard-Winters
  • Michelle Desilets
  • Samantha Hernandez
  • Ted Press
  • Bill Cameron
  • Laura Ervin
  • Wendy Pardue
  • Laura Lopez
  • Roxanna Mitchell
  • Gracie Aguilar
  • Pat Lopez
  • Rosa Montez
  • Johanna Padilla
  • Gina Holder
  • Lucy Murillo
  • Jennifer Rios
  • Kira Patino
  • Teresa Casey
  • Estela Galindo
  • Amy Lujan
  • Eva Olivo
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