Flatland Cavalry on stage in Odessa

A January album called “Homeland Insecurity” has done well for the band Flatland Cavalry.
It’s the sophomore release for the band and has rave reviews.
The Lubbock natives group were well reviewed by savingcountrymusic.com with: “It’s one incredible testament to the vitality of the Texas music scene that a young troupe of musicians from Lubbock playing short-run tours in between college semesters can do so well for themselves that they’re headlining festivals and receiving millions of plays on their songs, and all without a legitimate record label. While many Nashville Americana acts and up-and-comers get showered with praise from the press with little proof of concept, Flatland Cavalry is upgrading to a tour bus before they receive their diplomas due to the reception they’re finding among appreciative fans, and the respect they’ve earned from their peers and elders in a region where songwriting, honesty, and authenticity come first.”
Flatland Cavalry will bring their sound to the Permian Basin May 17 at the La Hacienda Event Center. The Dirty River Boys will also perform.
Their website, flatlandcavalry.com, details that the album shows how they have evolved as musicians and storytellers.
Bandleader and chief lyricist Cleto Cordero, guitarist Reid Dillon, bassist Jonathan Saenz, drummer Jason Albers, and newest member, fiddle player Wesley Hall have been honing their craft for several years.
“I think at some point, you feel like you need to grow-up, but you don’t know how,” Cordero said on the website. “You’re searching for that path though. You’re overturning every rock trying to find the secret that gets on to the next. I’m not trying to be a teacher or anything. I just wish someone would have told me earlier on and saved me the heartache of it all.”