Father, son charged with sexually assaulting 16-year-old girl

A 16-year-old girl reportedly contracted a sexually transmitted disease after she was assaulted by a 39-year-old man and then his 60-year-old father, an Ector County Sheriff’s Office affidavit detailed.
Jerry Klein, 60, was charged Wednesday with aggravated sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony.
While a registered nurse was giving the 16-year-old a health screen, the girl stated she had been sexually assaulted by 39-year-old Michael Paul Klein and his father, Jerry Klein, the affidavit stated.
The nurse stated the 16-year-old had tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease and she believed the girl had contracted the disease from one of the two men, because the 16-year-old listed those two as her only sexual partners, the affidavit detailed.
Michael Klein and the 16-year-old were in a relationship for two years beginning in July of 2017 until October of 2018, another ECSO affidavit detailed.
Michael Klein reportedly contacted the girl via social media in July of 2017. The 16-year-old stated Michael Klein would pick her up and take her to his residence and they would watch movies and have intercourse and oral sex.
Michael Klein was charged and arrested on April 16 with aggravated sexual assault with a child, a first-degree felony. Michael Klein had one bond totaling $100,000 and he posted bail on April 17, jail records show.
The girl stated the sexual assault involving Jerry Klein happened March 15, the affidavit detailed.
The 16-year-old stated on April 29, the week before she was scheduled to have a forensic interview with Harmony Home, she received a telephone call from Jerry Klein, the affidavit stated.
Jerry Klein reportedly told the 16-year-old he had received nude photos of her from his son and if she didn’t have sex with him, he would post the nude photos of her on the internet.
The 60-year-old man picked up the 16-year-old girl on the roadway near her house and took her to an unknown location containing trailers on the property, the affidavit stated.
Jerry Klein reportedly took her to a travel trailer and used a condom during sexual intercourse. During the sexual assault, the 60-year-old reportedly took off the condom and continued sexual intercourse.
After the sexual assault, Jerry Klein drove the 16-year-old back to the roadway near her house, the affidavit stated.
A search warrant was issued for the DNA and bodily fluids from Jerry Klein on June 21, the affidavit stated. The 60-year-old was transported to Medical Center Hospital for testing.
Jerry Klein stated he knew the victims full first name and thought she was 18 years old, the affidavit detailed.
Jerry Klein was arrested, charged and transported to the Ector County Law Enforcement Center. He had one bond totaling $50,000 and posted bail on Wednesday, jail records show.