The Midland County Public Library is having a Travel Adventure exhibit through April 22 at the Centennial Library, 2503 W. Loop 250 North in Midland.

Travel Adventure invites children and their families to use LEGO bricks to create their own imaginary dream machines capable of taking them to some fantastic destinations, a news release said.

To go on a travel adventure to exotic locations, children are asked to think creatively, plan, and build vehicles to move through all kinds of terrain.

Dioramas featuring Florida, Hawaii, Paris and San Francisco will help serve as inspiration for creating vehicles with wheels, wings, masts and more.

Travel Adventure also features creations by LEGO Master Builders including recreations of the driving of the Gold Spike in the Transcontinental Railroad, the building of the first Model T, the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk and an ocean liner.

Anita Gamertsfelder, education and program coordinator for the Midland County Public Libraries, said Travel Adventure invites children and families to use one of the greatest building materials of all time – LEGO® bricks – as a vehicle for imagination.

“Where do you want to go? What does your vehicle need to do to get there? In Travel Adventure, you’re not just along for the ride! Choose an amazing destination and build your dream machine! Inspired by LEGO models of famous vehicles like the Wright Brothers’ biplane, you can make the perfect means of transportation,” she said via email.

Children can also have their photo taken behind the wheel of a kid-size racecar created entirely out of LEGO DUPLO bricks. This full-size version of the Travel Adventure Vehicle is available for families to go on an adventure together inside.