Ellen Noel announces partnership with Occidental

The Ellen Noël Art Museum of the Permian Basin announced that it has been awarded with a donation from Occidental (Oxy) in support of the museum’s Art 2 Go program. This gift will allow the museum to maintain the program in ECISD elementary schools, as well as pilot the program in five MISD elementary schools this fall.

Art 2 Go is a comprehensive art program delivered to second graders in their own classrooms facilitated by a museum instructor. The curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS) and helps teachers to meet the stated objectives for fine arts.

Students learn concepts related to art which can be utilized in other subjects as well, like 2D/3D, realistic versus abstract, line, shape, form, pattern, repetition, color, similar, etc. Each experience begins with the instructor sharing information about the artist for that day’s lesson.

Students are shown examples of their work and listen to a beautifully illustrated story about the artist’s life or with illustrations inspired by that artist’s original designs. Throughout the story, children are encouraged to share their interpretations and to consider what will happen next. Students then create their own work inspired by what they learned. Classes typically last between 45 minutes to one hour, are free with all supplies provided, and are designed to avoid adding any work for teachers, a news release said.

Currently most ECISD and MISD elementary schools are unable to provide a structured art program for students. Art 2 Go was developed to help meet this need and was introduced to five ECISD elementary schools in the fall of 2016, reaching over 400 students.

With support from local foundations and Oxy, the museum has been able to expand the program every year. Oxy’s generosity will allow the museum to provide the program to every school that expresses a need in ECISD and to pilot the program in five MISD schools. The long-term goal is to eventually expand the program to communities across the Permian Basin. It will also help the museum to sustain the summer version of Art 2 Go which serves children participating in the West Texas Food Bank’s summer lunch program.

Oxy is the first organization to pledge large scale support for Art 2 Go with the company’s gift being the largest the Museum has ever received for a single program.

“The Ellen Noël Art Museum is proud to partner with Oxy to bring Art 2 Go to every 2nd grade class in ECISD and to begin expansion to MISD. With this support Oxy demonstrates their commitment to making the Permian Basin a great place to live. Together, this partnership is giving us an opportunity to use art as a way to enhance the educational experiences of children across the community. The museum has a well-established relationship with ECISD and we look forward to continue working together as well as developing a relationship with MISD,” stated Executive Director Sheila Perry.

Beginning in its sixth year, Art 2 Go has the continuing support of ECISD educators.

“Because of the Art2Go program, I have seen our scholars take an interest in learning to draw and use their creativity to express their feelings. Many students come to school each day having experienced some type of trauma: divorce, homelessness, grief, a recent move, or illness in the family to name a few. Art allows these students an outlet to deal with their feelings. Art helps our scholars develop problem-solving skills and provides challenges for learners at all levels. It connects students with the larger world,” Julie Marshall, Principal, Dowling Elementary, said.

Longitudinal studies show that participation in the arts can improve chances of academic success, enhance self-esteem, and encourage positive social contribution, all qualities that have lasting effects on an individual’s life and on their community.

To learn more about Art 2 Go or any of the museum’s educational programs, contact Ashley Flores, [email protected], or 432-550-9696, ext. 214.