Permian High School named among Top 50 high schools in America

Saturday night, Permian High School’s Class of 2021 walked the stage at graduation, and a recently released poll gives an interesting perspective on what this distinction could mean for PHS graduates. featured Permian High School as No. 48 among its 50 most influential public high schools in the United States for 2021.

In this measure, school rankings are based on the influencers associated with the school, with both faculty and alumni considered. It uses artificial intelligence and data technology to track influence and map the relevant connections between people and institutions, a news release said. has used this method of rankings for colleges but the look at high schools’ influence is relatively new. Based on their analysis, ranked schools display higher concentrations of influential people associated with them. Influence comes in many forms, which makes this a unique ranking of high schools. For Permian, names like former U.S. Congressman Mike Conaway, Texas Rep. Brooks Landgraf, and former NFL first-round draft pick Roy Williams are a few of the names that populate the listing.

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