District hires associate superintendent

The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees named Anthony Sorola as the associate superintendent for the district at their meeting Tuesday night.
No further information was available as of deadline.

An evaluation of Opportunity Culture conducted by Texas Tech University indicates that the program is working well in Ector County ISD, especially during a pandemic year.

According to the presentation, students perform better on standardized tests when taught by teachers in the Opportunity Culture program.

The district implemented Opportunity Culture to provide equitable access to excellent instruction for all students; recruit and retain excellent teachers; and provide all teachers with excellent development and advanced career opportunities.

Campuses were selected by:

>> Leader readiness: Principals that lead this work on campus must have the silty to think innovatively about staffing and classroom composition.

>> School need: Schools that have traditionally struggled with staffing are considered a prime candidate for the innovative staffing models Opportunity Culture uses.

>> Student performance: Areas of the district hat would receive the biggest impact by increasing the time students learn form effective teachers are a priority.
Tech officials said students most likely to have an Opportunity Culture teacher are limited English proficient or low socioeconomic status.

They saw gains in math and reading achievement, especially in with multi-classroom leaders.

Superintendent Scott Muri said it’s a strategy for those schools that want to use it. “These are a coalition of the willing …,” Muri said.

“This is part of our strategic plan as a system.

Evidence like this, when you see the results you want to continue to use it and expand it,” Muri added.