ECISD to conference with TEA on Ector

The Texas Education Agency has told the district some modifications need to be made to its plan to convert Ector Middle School into an in-district charter campus.

ECISD has eight campuses on improvement required status under state accountability regulations. Ector Middle School, Noel and Zavala elementary are in their fifth year. If the campuses don’t come off the list, they will face closure or the Texas Education Commissioner will appoint a board of managers over the whole district.

TEA will have a teleconference with Board President Carol Gregg, Superintendent Tom Crowe and Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Operations Roy Garcia today.

Ronnie Burchett, a TEA spokesperson, said the deadline to submit the changes is 5 p.m. July 2.

“They (TEA) haven’t rejected it at all,” Crowe said last week.

He added that the language in the contract needs to be changed to be more definitive.

“The things that they’re asking us to do as far as changing the wording really sounds pretty simple. They don’t panic me. I do wonder about the interview, what all it’s going to involve, but the good news is they haven’t rejected it, so we go to the next step,” Crowe said. “We turned it over to our attorneys because they helped us write the whole thing and (we’ll) get them to help us modify the language in it to help us satisfy what TEA’s looking for.”

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