The Bowie Aeronautics and Space Academy will launch a weather balloon and transponder at 9 a.m. Saturday from the Bowie Middle School Football Field, 500 W. 21st St.

The data collected from this launch will be used during the meteorology unit next school year in their eighth-grade science class, an Education Foundation news release said.

This opportunity is possible through funding received by Ben Carter, Stacy Chism, Christopher Bartlett, and David Lee at Bowie Middle School from an Education Foundation Grant titled “High Altitude Science” in the amount of $1,827.05 last spring.

Through movies and stories about outer space, students are already fascinated by the vast unknown of the final frontier. Even more, some students have never been outside of Odessa and this project allows them to vicariously see their entire city, state, country and world from a “God’s eye view,” the release stated.

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