Shane Tatum and Chris Eades, known as DJ SOX, have spent the last six years on their own giving to the community at Thanksgiving by donating and handing out turkeys at the Salvation Army.

Prior to going out on their own six years ago, Tatum and Eades worked alongside Graham Brothers Entertainment and learned how to successfully run a turkey drive.

Tatum explained that when Graham Brothers Entertainment discontinued their turkey drive that it left an empty space for him and Eades.

“We needed to give back to the community,” Tatum said.

Tatum said the turkey drive has continued to grow throughout the years.

“We’ve built it up,” Tatum said. “It was 200, now it’s up to 300.”

The duo will pick up the turkeys around noon today and make their stops to give away the turkeys. The major stops include Salvation Army and Angel House.

Tatum said Glazer’s Beer and Beverage will volunteer a truck to haul all of the turkeys and he said the general manager there will also drive the truck.

All the money that Tatum and Eades receive goes to buying turkeys. Tatum said there was an extra $500 from Walk-On’s a year ago and he wrote a check to the Salvation Army for its Christmas toy drive.

“Everything is spent, nothing is kept,” Tatum said. “Everything is used for the community.”

Tatum, who is from Cleburne, said he has done turkey drives in other towns across the country and he said one of the places that has stood out to him the most was El Paso.

“I’m just trying to make the world a better place,” Tatum said. “… That’s one of the poorest communities I’ve seen behind the scenes that needed turkeys.”