OPD recovers taxidermy animals

The moose is still missing — but the alligator has been recovered.

The Odessa Police Department recovered some taxidermy animals reported stolen on Saturday following the execution of a search warrant, OPD Spokesman Steve LeSueur said, including a 15-foot alligator.

Police also recovered one of two missing taxidermy mountain lions, a taxidermy amberjack fish, 10 of 20 missing taxidermy deer mule heads, and several dozen tools, LeSueur said.

The search warrant was executed Tuesday night, LeSueur said, in the 6500 block of Opal Drive.

While there haven’t been any arrests made yet, LeSueur said they have identified several suspects. It is believed that multiple people participated in the burglary.

Still missing from the reported burglary is:

  • 10 taxidermy mule deer heads
  • 20 taxidermy whitetail deer heads
  • One full body taxidermy mountain lion
  • Two taxidermy elks
  • A taxidermy moose
  • Two taxidermy aoudad sheep
  • A black 2008 Big Tex flatbed trailer bearing Texas license plate 414578J
  • A white refrigerator
  • Six Jeep rims and tires
  • Approximately $20,000 worth of assorted tools