Inmate charged with threatening officer

An Ector County Law Enforcement Center inmate was charged Saturday after reportedly threatening an Odessa police officer.

The inmate, 18-year-old Isayah Ramirez, began cursing at the officer while he was finishing paperwork at the ECLEC, an Odessa Police Department news release stated.

Ramirez reportedly told the officer, “wait til I get out and you aren’t wearing a vest and you’re going to see what happens,” the release detailed.

When the officer asked Ramirez if he was threatening him, Ramirez replied by nodding yes with his head, the release stated. Ramirez also claimed to have an SKS and a Tec-9 automatic, which are both types of firearms.

Ramirez had been in the jail on a charge of public intoxication, a class C misdemeanor, and was further charged with retaliation, a third-degree felony.

Jail records show Ramirez was still in the ECLEC on a $15,000 bond on Tuesday afternoon.