DA’s office to retry stabbing case

The case against a man charged with stabbing his father several times is expected to be retried this month, District Attorney Bobby Bland said, following a mistrial due to a hung jury on Jan. 26.

Bland said the case against 32-year-old Michael Kildow Jr. is planned to be retried either during the week of Feb. 12 or Feb. 26, the two criminal jury trial weeks in the 358th District Court of Judge W. Stacy Trotter at the Ector County Courthouse, 300 N. Grant Ave.

The DA’s office has no intention of dismissing the case, Bland added.

Bland said Trotter declared a mistrial after the jury had deliberated on the case for more than nine hours without reaching a conclusive verdict.

Kildow’s defense attorney, Bob Garcia Jr., pleaded with the jury during the trial to find his defendant not guilty by reason of insanity, as he had been diagnosed by two separate psychiatrists with schizophrenia.

Prosecutors Bill Prasher and Melissa Williams argued that, while Kildow may be schizophrenic, he was in his right mind when he assaulted his father, Michael Kildow Sr.

Police were first called about the stabbing in September 2014 in the 2800 block of East 11th Street where, after a nearly 30-minute standoff, Kildow gave himself up and was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a first-degree felony.

Should Kildow be found guilty, he would be sentenced anywhere between five and 99 years in prison. If he is found not guilty by reason of insanity, Bland previously said it would be up to the judge to determine what kind of hospitalization or treatment Kildow would need and for what length depending on how much he found Kildow to be a danger to society.

Jail records show Kildow is still in the Ector County Detention Center and has a $100,000 bond.