Council to look at erosion

The Odessa Council is expected approve hiring Midland-based Onyx Contractors, LLC $105,000 to oversee an erosion control project at Memorial Gardens during their 6 p.m. Tuesday city council meeting.

Odessa Parks and Recreation Director Steve Patton said the project would address a problem with the drainage culvert under 42nd Street that enters Memorial Gardens near the northwest corner of the park site.

The swift current flowing through the culvert into the holding pond area has eroded the soil around the footings of the west pedestrian bridge, Patton explained. The project would encase the bridge footings with a concrete wall and protect the footings from further erosion.

The City Council is also expected to renew its 2-year bank depository agreement with BBVA USA for $69,328. The city has been using BBVA USA since 2016, city officials said.

Council has indicated that it will hire Onyx Contractors to replace metal roofs on pavilions and restroom building at Woodson Park and pavilion at Floyd Gwin Park for $43,835.