Council approves bullet proof vests for police

The Odessa City Council tabled several agenda items during Tuesday’s council meeting, including a proposal to amend the city code of ordinances requiring all city boards, committees, subcommittees, and commissions be subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act.

Council Mark Matta, who requested the issue be placed on the agenda, quickly asked to table the item so that he could “further study” the issue.

Prior to the meeting, Matta said that the amendment would make all boards and commissions subject to the open meeting act.

Council did pass a request by the police department to purchase 48 new bullet proof vests at a total cost of $106,370.25.

That cost also includes 14 vests and accessories for the SWAT team and 146 rifle plates, Police Chief Michael Gerke previously explained to council.

The vests will be paid for from donations made to the police department and a $27,200 Federal Government Grant.

Council on Tuesday also tabled action on an agenda item to consider a settlement agreement with Odessa resident Lisa Zaragoza who has filed a lawsuit against the city. Council unanimously voted to table the item with no further comment.

Mayor Javier Joven also announced near the end of the meeting that a planned closed session to “consider pending or contemplated litigation” was also being tabled.