Cardio drumming a new feature at Pease

Pease Elementary School physical education teacher Olivia Juarez has recently given her classes a beat with cardio drumming.

Exercise balls are set out and perched on large buckets so the students can use drumsticks to beat on them and use up some energy at the same time.

Juarez just started using cardio drumming recently.

“I told them I’m kind of winging it right now just because I’m barely getting my feet wet, but I want to be more prepared next year,” Juarez said.

She added that she discovered cardio drumming from a couple of other coaches in the school district.

“But I really didn’t know too much about it, so I went on YouTube and I just started watching videos,” Juarez said.

She added that it looked like fun, so she decided to try it.

“One of the biggest things my kids like about PE is the music, so since this uses music I figured this is the way to hook them,” Juarez said.

During the song, she can tell whether they are engaged. If it doesn’t look like they are, she’ll switch the song.

“I know their favorite songs because they request them all the time,” Juarez said. “… I have to kind of know their likes. We just go with the flow.”

Juarez said it’s important for her students to enjoy exercising.

“Not only do they reap the physical benefits, their emotional health and self-esteem will improve as well. I do believe that it will benefit them as they get older because it is not always easy for adults to stick to an exercise regimen. If my students grow up knowing that exercise can be fun, then they may be more liable to lead a healthy, active lifestyle doing activities that they enjoy,” Juarez said in an email.

Elissa Romero-Yanez, 6, first grade, Jaime Santos, 7, first grade, Yaretzi Mary De La Rosa, 7, first grade, all enjoy the activity.

“It’s fun because we do fun things,” Santos said.

De La Rosa said she likes the singing and dancing and it makes her feel happy.

Afterward, Romero-Yanez said it makes her feel sweaty.

De La Rosa added that it makes her feel hot and tired, as well, and Santos said it makes him feel sweaty and happy.