Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Jan. 4 through Jan. 10 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

Ameredev Operating, LLC, Boyd 11, Loving, new drill.

Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC, Corsair C26-20, Loving, new drill; University 19-7 A, Loving, new drill; Yellowjacket UL Unit 19-3, Loving, new drill (2).

Apache Corporation, Mont Blanc, Reeves, new drill.

BHP Billiton Petroleum (TxLa Operating) Co., State Sky Hook 57-T2-24, Reeves, new drill (2); State Annex 57-T2-28, Reeves, new drill.

Boyd & McWilliams Operating, LLC, Stonegate 15, Winkler, new drill.

BTA Oil Producers, LLC, Arpent 21602 SWD #2, Reeves, new drill.

Carrizo Permian, LLC, Crowley Unit 7558, Reeves, new drill; Lovelace State Unit B912, Reeves, new drill; Durham Alloc. D, Ward, new drill.

Centennial Resource Production, LLC, Barracuda A, Reeves, new drill; Barracuda B, Reeves, new drill; Barracuda C, Reeves, new drill.

Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Scharbauer, C. A, Midland, new drill (3).

COG Operating, LLC, Windham TXL C10, Midland, new drill; Windham TXL C11, Midland, new drill; Windham TXL C12, Midland, new drill; Sam Bird 6-3, Reeves, new drill; Deets, Culberson, new drill.

Cross Timbers Energy, LLC, Mallet Land & Cattle Co., Terry, reclass.

CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Lonesome Dove 3536, Martin, new drill; FR Catalyst A 94, Midland, new drill; Reinhart 44, Midland, new drill.

Energen Resources Corporation, Cowpoke State Unit C19-15-13, Reeves, new drill.

EOG Resources, Inc., State Creek 17-8 Unit, Reeves, new drill (4).

EP Energy E&P Company, LP, University West, Upton, new drill.

Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Fee CF, Andrews, new drill (2).

Felix Water, LLC, Roark 40-27, Winkler, new drill; University 7-17, Ward, new drill; University 4-21 SWD, Winkler, new drill; University 3-21, Winkler, new drill; University 36-21, Winkler, new drill; University 22-21, Winkler, new drill; University 20-17, Ward, new drill.

Flint Rock Resources Management, Inc., Appleton, McCulloch, new drill.

Gary Permian, LLC, Floyd Hill, Pecos, new drill.

Halcon Operating Co., Inc., Ethel-Jesper West, Pecos, new drill; Geneva West-Joanne, Pecos, new drill.

Henry Resources, LLC, Gwendolyn, Midland, new drill.

Hunt Oil Company, Calverley B-Reed 10, Glasscock, new drill (3).

Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, County Line 2920C-C2, Pecos, new drill; State Neal Lethco 3405A-142, Pecos, new drill.

Laredo Petroleum, Inc., G. Schwartz 17-8 (alloc-F), Glasscock, new drill.

Legacy Reserves Operating, LP, Dr. Orson C, Martin, new drill.

MDC Texas Operator, LLC, Eastex 6, Reeves, new drill.

Mewbourne Oil Company, Kentzel State 42, Loving, new drill.

NBL Permian, LLC, Holy Mole 23-14 Unit A, Reeves, new drill.

Occidental Permian, Ltd., Van Halen 2928, Howard, new drill; Cogdell Canyon Reef Unit, Scurry, recompletion; Yoakum Wasson Clearfork Unit, Yoakum, new drill (2).

Olifant Energy, LLC, ST Sec No. 45 Blk 20 SWD, Ward, new drill.

On Point Oilfield Operations, LLC, Atlantic SWD, Martin, new drill.

Oxy USA WTP, LP, Teller 186, Reeves, new drill.

Paladin Petroleum III, LLC, Read 33, Howard, new drill.

Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Dallas Keuchel 37-36-B, Reagan, new drill (2); Dallas Keuchel 37-36-C, Reagan, new drill (3).

PDC Permian, Inc., Grizzly Bear 7780 4U, Reeves, new drill; Grizzly Bear 7780 5U, Reeves, new drill; Grizzly Bear 7780 6U, Reeves, new drill; Greenwich SW 3142, Reeves, new drill (2); Grizzly West 77, Reeves, new drill; Greenwich NW 3130, Reeves, new drill.

Piedra Operating, LLC, University 5-38 (alloc), Andrews, new drill.

Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Brook B-17D, Upton, new drill; Brook B-17E, Upton, new drill.

Primexx Operating Corporation, Vass Unit 13-14, Reeves, new drill.

REO Operating, LLC, ODC 273, Gaines, recompletion.

Resolute Natural Resources Co., LLC, Sandlot State, Reeves, new drill (10).

Riley Exploration Operating Co., LLC, Brushy Bill 707-730, Yoakum, new drill.

Ring Energy, Inc., Moirae, Gaines, new drill; Metas, Gaines, new drill.

Rocker A Operating Company, D-L-S San Andreas Unit, Hockley, recompletion.

Rosetta Resources Operating, LP, Trigger 39-40 Unit B, Reeves, new drill (4); Lone Ranger State 192-191 Unit A, Reeves, new drill (2); Sam Prewitt 255-256 Unit A, Reeves, new drill (2); Rose Dunn 14-13 Unit A, Reeves, new drill.

RSP Permian, LLC, Woody 3-46, Glasscock, new drill (4); Crockett Reese State Unit B, Loving, new drill (3); Cros
s Bar Ranch, Andrews, new drill (5); Cross Bar Ranch, Martin, new drill (4); Mask HZ Unit, Midland, new drill.

Sabalo Operating, LLC, Crazy Cat 41-32, Howard, new drill.

SEM Operating Company, LLC, University 40, Crockett, new drill.

Sheridan Production Company, LLC, Crump Estate 09A, Gaines, new drill; Parker Minerals 8, Ector, new drill (2).

SM Energy Company, O’Hagen B, Howard, new drill; Hydra SWD, Howard, new drill; Merlin B, Howard, new drill (3); Merlin C, Howard, new drill (2); Merlin D, Howard, new drill; Merlin E, Howard, new drill; Kramer C, Howard, new drill (2); Kramer D, Howard, new drill.

Stakeholder Gas Services, LLC, Pozo Acido Viejo, Yoakum, new drill.

Surge Operating, LLC, Hamlin Unit 20-29, Howard, new drill; Mothman Unit A 45-04, Borden, new drill.

VX Operating, LLC, Powell, Schleicher, new drill.

Windy Cove Energy II, LLC, WCE 903, Yoakum, new drill.

Wishbone Texas Operating Co., LLC, Badger 709 A, Yoakum, new drill; Badger 709 C, Yoakum, new drill; Boomer 727 A, Yoakum, new drill.

XTO Energy, Inc., Goldsmith San Andres Unit, Ector, new drill; Mi Noche, Ward, new drill (3); Zant, Glasscock, new drill; Mims 32H, Martin, new drill (2); LHS Ranch 27-21 (alloc 2102), Midland, new drill (2); LHS Ranch 27-21 (alloc 2103), Midland, new drill (2).