Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Jan. 11 through Jan. 17 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

Ameredev Operating, LLC, Boyd 11, Loving, new drill.

Apache Corporation, Miller 37 West A, Upton, new drill; Miller 37 West B, Upton, new drill; Miller 37 West C, Upton, new drill; Latzel 3946 A, Upton, new drill; Latzel 3946 B, Upton, new drill; Copperhead, Culberson, new drill; Palm Unit, Reeves, new drill; Blue Racer, Reeves, new drill; Grant, Reeves, new drill (2).

BTA Oil Producers, LLC, Tetris 21601 18, Reeves, new drill.

Caprock Field Services, LLC, Cumberland, Reeves, new drill; Nokota, Reeves, new drill.

Centennial Resource Production, LLC, Stephens, Reeves, new drill (3); Red Rock A Unit, Reeves, new drill (2).

Champion Lone Star Operating, LLC, CLS Walton, Winkler, new drill (2).

COG Operating, LLC, Chute Buster, Culberson, new drill.

ConocoPhillips Company, Blackjack, Culberson, new drill (3).

CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Five Way 15, Martin, new drill; FR Unobtanium 1411 C, Midland, new drill (2).

Diamondback E&P, LLC, UL Benson A, Andrews, new drill; UL Benson B, Andrews, new drill; UL Benson C, Andrews, new drill; UL Benson D, Andrews, new drill; W ST NW 36 Unit, Midland, new drill; Warlander East, Reeves, new drill; Neal Lethco State 24-23 Unit, Pecos, new drill.

Endeavor Energy Resources, LP, Rio Frio 25-32 Unit 1, Midland, new drill (3).

Energen Resources Corporation, UL 20 Stripes 38-47, Winkler, new drill; Aggie Unit 75-67-66, Loving, new drill.

EOG Resources, Inc., State Mayfly Unit, Reeves, new drill (2); Goodnight Unit, Loving, new drill.

EP Energy E&P Company, LP, University Taylor Draw 31, Upton, recompletion; University East, Crockett, new drill (2).

Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Fee BQ, Andrews, new drill (2); Fee CF, Andrews, new drill (2).

Flint Rock Resources Management, Inc., Appleton, McCulloch, new drill (2).

Foreland Operating, LLC, Maggie 12, Irion, new drill.

Forge Energy, LLC, UL 21 Yellowtail, Winkler, new drill.

Halcon Operating Co., Inc., Berkley State West Unit, Pecos, new drill.

Hannathon Petroleum, LLC, Click 14, Howard, new drill.

Impetro Operating, LLC, Antelope, Winkler, new drill; Moose, Winkler, new drill.

Independence Resources Management, LLC, Pfluger D 5, Tom Green, new drill.

Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, Bigfoot 106105A-34, Ward, new drill; Bigfoot 106105B-34, Ward, new drill.

JM Cox Resources, LP, Alice, Upton, new drill.

Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Yates Field Unit, Pecos, recompletion; Sacroc Unit, Scurry, recompletion (3).

Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Sugg D, Reagan, new drill (6).

Legacy Reserves Operating, LP, Dr. Orson D, Martin, new drill.

Matador Production Company, Larson 04-TTT-B02, Loving, new drill.

MDC Texas Operator, LLC, Imperial Eagle 24, Reeves, new drill.

MWS Producing, Inc., University 22B, Crockett, new drill.

Oxy USA, Inc., E.L. Powell B, Glasscock, new drill.

Oxy USA WTP, LP, Willard Unit, Yoakum, new drill.

Permian Deep Rock Oil Co., LLC, Waffle Iron, Midland, new drill; Charger, Midland, new drill (10); Charger A, Midland, new drill (3).

PRI Operating, LLC, Nyala Unit 9C, Reeves, new drill; Nyala Unit 9D, Reeves, new drill.

Primexx Operating Corporation, Angelina Unit 303-302E, Reeves, new drill; Lujan State, Reeves, new drill.

RKI Exploration & Production, LLC, Oliver 13-24, Reeves, new drill.

Rosehill Operating Company, LLC, Weber 26, Loving, new drill.

RSP Permian, LLC, Cross Bar Ranch, Martin, new drill (2); Rudd Draw 29-3, Loving, new drill (3).

Seaboard Operating Co., Robertson N. Clearfork Lo. Unit, Gaines, new drill.

Shell Western E&P, Pecos 53-2-11 Lov, Loving, new drill (2).

Sheridan Production Company, LLC, Parker Minerals 8A, Ector, new drill.

SM Energy Company, Neptune SWD, Howard, new drill; Big Daddy B, Howard, new drill; Duke, Howard, new drill (2); Wilma Dorcus (SA) E, Upton, new drill.

Steward Energy II, LLC, Sandman 470, Yoakum, new drill.

Surge Operating, LLC, Unicorn Unit B 37-04, Borden, new drill; Gunsight, Borden, new drill; Middleton, Howard, new drill; Elrod-Antell, Howard, new drill.

Throne Petroleum Resources, LLC, Andrews University 20-17, Andrews, new drill.

Windy Cove Energy II, LLC, WCE, Yoakum, new drill.

XTO Energy, Inc., Kriti C3-6-7 SB8, Pecos, new drill; Kriti C3-6-7 WB6, Pecos, new drill; Kriti C3-6-7 Wa11, Pecos, new drill; Kriti C3-6-7 TB8, Pecos, new drill; Kriti C3-6-7 WB3, Pecos, new drill; Frank Powell SWD, Reagan, new drill; Fullerton Clearfork Unit, Andrews, new drill; St. John 76 2734, Loving, new drill.