GEEK: Multiple, varied failed updates attempts may signal corrupt files or other issues

Q: Question 1 – Windows 10 Version 1709 failed to update on my computer. I checked the Update History and it attempted to update several times but failed. I attempted to run the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to fix the issue, but no luck. In the meantime my HP DeskJet 932C stopped working with Windows 10. I tried to install and reinstall the printer and drivers. No luck. I ran the Troubleshoot for the printer. See attachments. I also made sure I had a good USB printer cable which is connected to a 2.0 USB slots (3) in the back of the computer. The 3.0 USB slots are located in the front of my computer (2). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

– Mac M.

Valparaiso, Florida

A: Windows Feature Update version 1709 is the Fall Creators Update, Mac. If you can’t get it to install, the troubleshooting steps are pretty much the same as they are for many other updates that won’t install. They include deleting the Windows Update folder to ensure whatever is stuck gets removed. Also, downloading and installing the update manually, which it sounds like you might already have tried. If neither of these work, troubleshooting starts getting into steps that attempt to repair corruption of the Windows files, or on your drive itself. Most of this is way too complex to fit within the confines of my column, but I’m happy to point you to a place on the web that doesn’t have such limitations. Just visit, and follow the instructions. Watch out for the ads while you’re in there – some of them look like they part of the troubleshooting steps to try and trick you into clicking them.

As for your printer, it’s always a little difficult to offer advice on specific models of hardware that I don’t use. However, despite all the other issues that I have with HP, I will say that they have a very comprehensive online support area for their products. Through it, I found that HP says your printer is indeed compatible with Windows 10, and that the driver that downloads through the regular Windows Update mechanism should be all you need to get it working. At that point, it gets a little foggy. If you click into the pages a little farther, you’ll find that when HP points you to the “Windows Update driver” it means there is not a driver available directly from HP. Their comment for that situation reads as follows: “If a driver is not available from HP, you might be able to print from USB using the Add Hardware feature in Windows 10.” I don’t much like their use of the word “might.” It kind of sounds like they’re not sure if it will work or not. For your case, unless we know otherwise, let’s assume that it will.

One thing I find interesting in your question is the apparent disparity of USB versions on your PC. You say you have the printer plugged into a USB 2.0 port (the ones on the back of your printer) yet the error dialog you sent me says “USB Printing Support can’t work properly with USB 3.0.” So, either something is wrong with the troubleshooter itself, or you’re mistaken about which of your computer’s USB ports are v2.0 and which are v3.0. It’s also possible that you have an issue with the loaded USB drivers that is causing the troubleshooter to misidentify them as v3.0. In reading online, I’ve seen several instances where HP claims all of their printers are compatible with USB 3.0. Unfortunately, my own experience, and the evidence of hordes of none-too-happy HP printer owners would seem to indicate otherwise. So, this Geek says that despite HP’s claims, you do require a working v2.0 port to operate your printer.

My advice is to get the base operating system upgrade working first. If you don’t, you may find that when you do get it working that it breaks your printer all over again. The opposite may also be true. You might just find that your printer problems don’t exist anymore once the upgrade is in place. Finally, I’m assuming that the troubleshooter you ran is the one that’s already on your system. Visit for a troubleshooter that’s meant to help with printer problems after updating of upgrading to Windows 10.

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