City, hospital sales tax collections rise

Growth in the local economy continued to drive an increase in Odessa’s sales tax revenue in February, marking more than a year of month-over-month increases.

The latest check from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, announced Wednesday, totaled more than $5.9 million, about a 46.2 percent increase over the same month of 2017.

A fifth of the city’s sales tax revenue, or nearly $1.2 million, goes to the city’s Odessa Development Corporation for economic development. More than $4.7 million will go to the City of Odessa’s general spending fund.

City administrators say collecting greater sales tax revenue than budget writers projected allows city officials to boost reserve funds and consider funding projects that have been postponed, such as work on downtown properties acquired by the city in recent years.

The city’s fiscal year began Oct. 1 with more than $30.7 million in sales tax revenue budgeted for the general spending fund, but monthly collections have consistently exceeded estimates.

In addition to the city, the Ector County Hospital District also saw another month of growth in sales tax revenue. The hospital district received nearly $4.2 million, up about 32.6 percent from the same month of last year.

The City of Midland collected a sales tax check of more than $6.1 million, a more than 11.8 percent increase from February 2017.

Statewide, sales tax figures distributed by the comptroller’s office to cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts increased 6.2 percent in February compared to the same month last year. The allocations are based on December sales.


  • Alpine: $148,042.03, down 18.9 percent
  • Andrews: $541,384.31, down 5.36 percent
  • Big Lake: $218,485.71, up 62.66 percent
  • Big Spring: $821,339.83, up 1.39 percent
  • Crane: $47,673.75, down 8.14 percent
  • Fort Stockton: $396,213.68, up 55.84 percent
  • Goldsmith: $3,960.60, down 19.69 percent
  • Grandfalls: $2,526.11, down 36.01 percent
  • Kermit: $216,160.50, up 256.93 percent
  • Lamesa: $154,594.58, up 6.14 percent
  • Marfa: $42,206.03, down 3.66 percent
  • McCamey: $52,207.35, up 17.35 percent
  • Midland: $6,131,736.43, up 11.86 percent
  • Monahans: $354,193.12, up 35.12 percent
  • Odessa: $5,969,365.63, up 46.23 percent
  • Pecos: $794,595.25, up 77.04 percent
  • Presidio: $41,620.64, up 8.52 percent
  • Pyote: $11,948.85, up 36.34 percent
  • Rankin: $14,932.01, down 39.80 percent
  • Stanton: $72,028.10, up 8.93 percent
  • Toyah: $11,500.25, up 248.46 percent
  • Wickett: $21,553.76, up 116.74 percent
  • Wink: $53,508.47, up 106.92 percent
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