Booster vaccines begin Feb. 15 at Urgent Cares

While the COVID-19 vaccine first doses will still be available at Ratliff Stadium this Wednesday and Thursday, MCH officials say the booster or second shot will be administered starting Monday at Urgent Care Clinics by appointment only. The second shot is for those who received the first shot at Ratliff Stadium during the last few weeks. Medical Center Health System has created a process for the community to receive their booster (2nd doses) shots of the Pfizer vaccines given at Ratliff Stadium, a news release details. The first booster shots will be available starting on Monday for those who received the first shot at Ratliff Stadium. Odessans can call 432-640-2747. That number is answered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., which are also the same times to get the second shot at the Urgent Cares located at either 6030 W. University Blvd., or 3001 JBS Parkway. Those who need the booster must call and set an appointment within their five-date range, which is listed on the vaccination card. No booster shots will be given to patients before the first date listed on their card. If patients can’t make the five-date range on the card, they can still make an appointment after those dates. MCHS is also asking the community to only show up for their appointment a few minutes before their allotted time to avoid a crowd in the waiting room and to ensure the most efficient process possible. There will be no walk-ins for the booster shot. Monday’s total COVID numbers for MCHS, along with the daily COVID in-house census as of 1:45 p.m. are 49 COVID patients in-house, 0 PUIs in-house. Also, 24 Critical Care Patients, 8 of those in CCU overflow in WSMP. There are 20 COVID patients vented with 23 on 4 Central patient list includes 2 from Focused Care Odessa, 2 from The Parks Odessa, 2 from Crane, 1 from Stanton.