BBB: Tips for hosting virtual holiday parties

The holidays are a time for being together and celebrating the end of the year as a new chapter begins. Many companies choose the mark the occasion and thank employees for a job well done with office holiday parties. Unfortunately, this year has required creative solutions for staying connected while being apart.
Virtual get-togethers have provided a safe and convenient option for seeing friends, family and colleagues from a distance. They are also a good alternative to traditional in-person holiday parties. If you’ve decided to organize a virtual party, use these tips from your Better Business Bureau to make it a success:
Make it accessible. Your team may be more comfortable using one video app than another. Selecting one your employees are familiar with can cut down on technical difficulties during the party. If this is your business’ first time using a video app, send out instructions before the party to allow them enough time to become familiar with the program.
Choose a convenient time. If your party is staff only, consider holding the party during work hours, which is a more convenient option for employees who have already dedicated time and space to working from home.
Turn catered into delivered. For employers that typically have their holiday parties catered, providing gift cards or establishing a reimbursement budget for food delivery is a good alternative. This is another way to show appreciation for all the hard work done in an unusual year.
Get creative with activities. Virtual games or fun presentations keep the party moving and are an interactive way for attendees to participate. Other possible activities to consider are a virtual concert from local musicians, crafts that can be done from a desk or breaking into smaller groups for team building.
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