Affidavit: video surveillance shows fatal shooting

An Odessa Police Department probable cause affidavit detailed the 36-year-old man who was arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of a 38-year-old man was seen on surveillance footage shooting the man seven times. Clinton Tyrone Saunders was charged with murder, a first-degree felony. Saunders has one bond totaling $200,000 and he was still in custody as of Tuesday morning, jail records show. Officers were dispatched in reference to shots fired around 1:35 a.m. Feb. 4 to the 900 block of Ratliff Ridge Avenue, the affidavit stated. Complainants stated they heard between five and seven shots. Saunders reportedly called 911 at 1:37 a.m., stated that Mario Castillo had attacked him and he shot him. Officers saw Castillo lying dead in the street in the 1000 block of E. 90th Street. Officers contacted Saunders in the 1000 block of E. 87th Street and he made a res gestae statement (sic) that he had been at a bar with Castillo and they got into a fight and he shot Castillo in self defense, the affidavit stated. According to the Merriam-Webster website, res gestae refers to “the facts that form the environment of a litigated issue and are admissible in evidence.” After waiving his right to an attorney, Saunders reportedly told police that Castillo is a co-worker and they had been hanging out at a bar. Saunders stated they began to argue so they went back to Castillo residence located in the 1000 block of E. 90th Street and got into a fight in the front of the residence. Saunders stated he attempted to leave in his vehicle, but Castillo approached him again while he was in his vehicle and being in fear for his life Saunders shot Castillo, the affidavit stated. During the investigation, officers reportedly viewed surveillance footage from Castillo’s residence and it showed Castillo and Saunders fighting in front of the residence. Saunders entered his vehicle and Castillo approached him at the driver’s door. Saunders shot Castillo twice and Castillo fell down onto his back on the street. Saunders exited his vehicle, approached Castillo and shot him five more times while Castillo was lying on the ground, the affidavit stated. Saunders got back in his vehicle, left the scene and called police.