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OUR VIEW: How can you help El Paso victims?

oanews@oaoa.com | Posted: Wednesday, August 7, 2019 3:00 am

We are (as always) amazed at the generosity of Odessans and in particular Odessa philanthropist and businessman John Bushman and his wife, Carol.

Not only did the Bushman family donate $100,000 to help El Paso victims of Saturday’s devastating mass shooting but they are also giving all of us a chance to help.

They have organized a blood drive from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Music City Mall near the Fuddruckers entrance.

They are encouraging all of us to give a bit – blood and money.

It’s a difficult time for this country with much division and hate talk that wears all of us down. It’s more than just a breath of fresh air for someone to step up and not only offer up money but the encouragement to others to give as well.

A community center has opened in El Paso to help residents grieve and deal with the trauma of a shooting that left 22 people dead. Visitors to the center may apply for help in the form of counseling or travel assistance and financial support.

The accused gunman, Patrick Crusius, sits in jail and has been assigned a San Antonio public defender. Crusius, 21, drove from north Texas to El Paso to commit the shootings and posted a rambling racist tirade on social media prior to the shootings at the El Paso Walmart.

El Paso will need years to heal from the devastation that happened on Saturday. We are hoping that generosity from fellow Texans will help some of them know that others are thinking of them and want to help. Nothing can ever ease all the pain but a support system is critical for all of these folks who are suffering.

We thank the Bushmans and all their employees who are always so generous in times of need.

So give blood. Give money. Help our neighbors in El Paso.

Bushman’s company, ICA, has a fund that donors may send donations to:

>> Help Your Neighbor fund.

>> Where: Mail donations to P.O. Box 2969.

Also, >> El Paso Community Foundation: El Paso Victim’s Fund @ www.epcf.org

>> Paso Del Norte Community Foundation: El Paso Victims Relief Fund @ pdnfoundation.org