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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Something stinks

Mark Bennett Odessa | Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2020 5:15 am

Something stinks at the Republican headquarters. Not to be confused with the Republican women’s club, there is an unholy alliance that has been formed within the Ector County Republican Party to take control of the Odessa city council, a group that is supposed to be non-partisan. This alliance is made up of Rachel Minor, Mark Matta, Denice Swanner and mayoral candidate Javier Joven. It was formed with the approval and support of Tish Crow the Executive Committee Chairwoman and other political wannabes. The board has conspired to elect their candidates as a voting block by giving them the Executive committee’s endorsement.

These might be fine candidates, but city council positions are supposed to be non-partisan. There are several other fine candidates and the Republican Executive Committee board has no business playing favorites or endorsing one candidate over another in these races. These are not political positions and should only be about looking out for the best interests of the city of Odessa. By forming a voting block, they could control the budgets of all city departments, taxes, positions like city manager, zoning, and the future direction of Odessa.

In order to break up this squad, it would be my recommendation to ignore the unethical ECRP endorsements and bundled flyers they hung on your doors and vote for non-partisan leadership for the City of Odessa.