LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dear “SIR” Kirk Edwards - Odessa American: Letters To Editor


Larry G Robinson Odessa | Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2020 4:45 am

Odessa’s growth and strength comes with the demand, and: even gets stronger with a diminishment of the demand for oil, fuel and energy needs. These cycles are those of God’s Mother Nature. Solar power depends on sunny days. Wind power turns the windmills and creates Aeolian deposits of sand. Sand is used for fracking. None of these forces or elements are created or controlled by the Odessa City Council.

That is the beauty of Odessa.

The working class people of Odessa use their strength to harness. and market these elements. The current city council has little to do with the works of nature and people. The current council’s drive for a beautiful downtown posited with their icons for to remembrance of their legacies. The legacy of previous a Mayor is planted in the median of Grant street in downtown Odessa, The Perryman icon or legacy being: the monumental Perryman Pear Trees.

The legacy of the current Council will be towering over Odessans in the form of their creations of Debt through the “not so transparent” issuance of Obligations of Debt without a vote, and its attempt to bury a PFC agreement deep within the inconspicuous, and to their judgment, innocuous bounds of the consent items.

Why bring Mr. Landgraft into the city council fray? He is for the people. He is not seeking a legacy remembrance marquise or icon in downtown Odessa, He is out working for all the people of West Texas.

What foreign group from outside Odessa? This is maybe a Red Herring Group of your invention.Government Accountability Project is: a long time Odessan who is sick of taxing boondoggles’.

Odessa is athletic by nature, why use artificial growth hormones. Why penalize and harness the hard working class to the dreamy designs of the current council. We need a council that can hunker down with the demands of our current era.

I have met you before. I brought you a check that came to my 6101 address. This did not seem to please you that; a hard working class Odessan had the same numeric value as yourself and your caste.