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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sentences are not long enough


Once again, I am saddened and shocked by the sentencing passed down to the low life people in Odessa that get caught red handed.

On Oct. 1, Ervin W. Mullins was given five years probation for enticing a child for intent to commit a felony. Probation? Really?

Not only is that insane, as part of a plea deal, he had charges of indecency with a child by sexual contact dismissed along with bail jumping and failure to appear dismissed. Really?

This was all approved in Judge Trotter’s court room. All I can ask is does Judge Trotter have children or grandchildren? If so, he has put a predator back on the street and in the neighborhoods where they play and live and ride their bikes. I hope he keeps a close eye on them and all other children he’s put at risk as well.

This is a disgrace to his office in my opinion. What a waste of the probation officers time and tax payers money, to track an almost untraceable crime unless the victim speaks up.

May God bless these little ones and may He protect others from this sick low life of a man! And may we as Odessans reconsider when Judge Trotter is up for re-election.