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Digital Audience Extension

Morgan Mitchell | Posted: Sunday, April 14, 2013 6:00 am

Ever notice that right after you search for that certain product, the next time you are online, ads seem to appear catered to exactly what you were looking for? That is called Behavioral Targeting. The Odessa American can help you market to a specific target audience using this program while expanding your reach online all at the same time. Coye Kerley, Director of Advertising and Marketing for the Odessa American says “We have thousands and thousands of behaviors we can target. We can also target demographically and geographically.”

Digital Audience Extension uses a powerful set of algorithms informed by searches, ad interactions, and content consumed to help you reach a widened audience parameter. There are two types of people to target, the engagers which are the people who research before they buy, and the shoppers who are ready to buy in the here and now. With our program your ad can target both groups depending on their behaviors on the internet and what segment of the audience you want to reach.

With behavioral and demographic targeting, not only can you target the Permian Basin, we can target anywhere in the United States. We can even target overseas. Anywhere you want to target, we can reach them. “It’s a very targeted method of adverting online and it takes out any wasted impressions. Your ad is only being seen by people interested in your product or service.” Says Kerley.

Your Odessa American Marketing Consultant will work with you to make use of what you already know about your customers and map your needs to fit the behavioral targeting solutions we offer. Not only can the Odessa American deliver marketing messages to your best customers, but we can also partner with you to discover a broader spectrum of audiences that will bring more prospects for you and your business.

To learn more about how the Odessa American can help you find new marketing solutions, call (432) 333-7602.