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DRILLING PERMITS: Dec. 6 through Dec. 12 - Odessa American: Business

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DRILLING PERMITS: Dec. 6 through Dec. 12

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Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2018 8:00 am

Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Dec. 6 through Dec. 12 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.


>> Anadarko E&P Onshore, LLC, Priceless C26-1 Unit C, Loving, new drill (2); Mesquite Heat 28-41 Unit A, Loving, new drill.

>> Apache Corporation, Juniper State, Reeves, new drill; Kashmir A, Upton, new drill; Oak State Unit, Reeves, new drill; Mockingbird State Unit 9, Loving, new drill (2).

>> Blackbeard Operating, LLC, Commandeer, Winkler, new drill; Waddell, W.N., et al, Crane, new drill (2); 6 Pounder NW, Crane, new drill; Landlubber, Crane, new drill (2); Sealy Smith Foundation A, Winkler, new drill.

>> Boyd & McWilliams Operating, LLC, Rust 24, Winkler, new drill.

>> Capitan Energy, Inc., Roxanne Fee 46, Culberson, new drill.

>> Carrizo (Permian), LLC, Mustang State Unit, Culberson, field transfer.

>> Centennial Resource Production, LLC, Hightower State SWD, Reeves, recompletion; Bodacious C7-19, Reeves, new drill.

>> Champion Lone Star Operating, LLC, CLS Walton, Winkler, new drill.

>> Cimarex Energy Co., Sky Pilot 57-46 East Unit A, Reeves, new drill; Sky Pilot 57-46 East Unit B, Reeves, new drill; Sky Pilot 57-46 East Unit C, Reeves, new drill; Sky Pilot 57-46 East Unit D, Reeves, new drill.

>> COG Operating, LLC, Sandstorm Unit, Reeves, new drill (3); Revolver C, Loving, new drill (2).

>> Colgate Operating, LLC, Shadrach 68 Unit, Reeves, new drill.

>> ConocoPhillips Company, JF Cowden, Ector, new drill (2); Cole, Ector, new drill (2).

>> CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Pegasus 1, Midland, new drill.

>> Diamondback E&P, LLC, Neal Lethco 39-37 Unit, Pecos, new drill (2); Neal Lethco 34-33 B Unit, Pecos, new drill (2); State Neal Lethco 29-30 B, Pecos, new drill; State Neal Lethco 7-8 E, Pecos, new drill; State Neal Lethco 7-8 F, Pecos, new drill; Waler State Unit 4, Reeves, new drill (2); Sherman 6-9 Unit, Pecos, new drill; State Azteca 15-3 A, Reeves, new drill.

>> Discovery Operating, Inc., Holzgraf 34, Upton, new drill; Windham 40, Midland, new drill.

>> Eastland Oil Company, Shannon Hospital 1, Crockett, new drill.

>> Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc., Guitar 14, Howard, field transfer (3); Dorothy Faye K, Martin, new drill (3).

>> Endeavor Energy Resources, LP, Rosalie G 6-3, Martin, new drill; Rosalie H 6-3, Martin, new drill (2); Cauble 21-30, Reagan, new drill (4).

>> Energen Resources Corporation, Skyfall, Reeves, new drill; Benton 3-12, Reeves, new drill; Modesta Unit 33-81-75, Loving, new drill.

>> EOG Resources, Inc., State Atlantis 7 Unit, Loving, new drill; State Mayfly Unit, Reeves, new drill.

>> Felix Energy Holdings II, LLC, Snowmass 2920-27, Winkler, new drill (2).

>> Fortuna Resources Development, LLC, Valiant 110, Gaines, new drill.

>> Four Corners Petroleum II, LLC, G.W. O’Brien, et al, Ward, new drill (7).

>> Hadaway Consult and Engineer, LLC, Mimbo 419 B Unit, Yoakum, new drill.

>> HW Operating, LLC, Chico, Concho, new drill.

>> Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, State Eiland Unit 18 GG Houston, Ward, new drill; State Eiland 14A GG Houston, Ward, new drill (2).

>> Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Yates Field Unit, Pecos, recompletion.

>> Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Yellow Rose 40-2 (alloc-A), Glasscock, new drill; Yellow Rose 40-2 (alloc-B), Glasscock, new drill; Yellow Rose 40-2 (alloc-C), Glasscock, new drill; Yellow Rose 40-2 (alloc-D), Glasscock, new drill; Yellow Rose 40-2 (alloc-E), Glasscock, new drill; Yellow Rose 40-2 (alloc-F), Glasscock, new drill.

>> Lime Rock Resources IV-A, LP, Dublin, Andrews, new drill.

>> Matador Production Company, Toot D 17-TTT-C24 NL, Loving, new drill (2).

>> MDC Texas Operator, LLC, Coopers Dream 23-2, Reeves, new drill.

>> Mewbourne Oil Company, Kentzel State 42, Loving, new drill (2).

>> Murchison Oil and Gas, LLC, Golladay, Midland, new drill (2).

>> Noble Energy, Inc., Jersey Lilly 17-7 Unit B, Reeves, new drill; Monroe 28-39 Unit C, Reeves, new drill; Monroe 28-39 Unit D, Reeves, new drill.

>> Oasis Petroleum Permian, LLC, Laramie 34-176, Ward, new drill.

>> Occidental Permian, Ltd., Wasson ODC Unit, Yoakum, new drill (12).

>> Oxy USA WTP, LP, White East 30-31, Reeves, new drill.

>> Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Brunson 42-6-G, Glasscock, new drill; Pecan State Unit, Pecos, new drill; Ranchland C Unit, Midland, new drill; Hanks Family 7-7A-D, Upton, new drill; Hanks Family 7-7A-E, Upton, new drill (2).

>> PDC Permian, Inc., Hornet State 0607 1U, Reeves, new drill; Stinger 1716, Reeves, new drill; Old Monarch State 12, Reeves, new drill (4).

>> PIE Operating, LLC, Livestock 7, Borden, recompletion.

>> Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Woody C36A, Martin, new drill; Woody C36B, Martin, new drill; Woody C36C, Martin, new drill; Woody C36D, Martin, new drill; Midkiff 1, Midland, new drill.

>> QEP Energy Company, Hall A4, Martin, new drill; Hall A5, Martin, new drill; Hall A6, Martin, new drill; Hall A7, Martin, new drill; Hall A8, Martin, new drill; Hall A9, Martin, new drill; Hall A10, Martin, new drill; Hall A11, Martin, new drill; Hall A12, Martin, new drill; Hall A13, Martin, new drill; Hall A14, Martin, new drill. 

>> Resolute Natural Resources Co., LLC, Sandlot State, Reeves, new drill (2); East Capote, Reeves, new drill; West Capote, Reeves, new drill.

>> Rover Petroleum Operating, LLC, Chalk, G.O., Howard, new drill (2); Dodge, Granville M., est., Howard, new drill.

>> Sable Permian Resources Land, LLC, Tucker Re 1 194 (alloc 03), Reagan, new drill (2); Tucker Re 1 194 (alloc 04), Reagan, new drill; Tucker Re 1 194 (alloc 05), Reagan, new drill (2); Tucker Re 1 194 (alloc 07), Reagan, new drill.

>> SEM Operating Company, LLC, Linthicum C, Irion, new drill.

>> Shell Western E&P, Bramblett 34-197 Wrd, Ward, new drill.

>> Siltstone Resources Op. II, LLC, State-Hayter Unit 34/43S, Pecos, new drill.

>> SM Energy Company, Vizzini, Howard, new drill; Buttercup, Howard, new drill; Tackleberry 43-42 A, Howard, new drill (4).

>> Smith Energy Operating Company, Shannon Estate, Crockett, new drill.

>> Sojourner Drilling Corporation, Beadle, Kent, new drill.

>> Summit Petroleum, LLC, Carmanita, Midland, new drill.

>> Surge Operating, LLC, Troll Unit A 08-04, Borden, new drill (2); Stanley Unit 48-01, Howard, new drill (5); Garrett-Snell Unit A 25-36, Howard, new drill (2); Hamlin Unit 15-22, Howard, new drill; Sledge Unit 06-07, Howard, new drill; Pamola Unit A 35-23, Borden, new drill; Higginbotham Unit A 30-18, Borden, new drill; Nessie Unit A 34-46, Borden, new drill; Pixie Unit A 35-47, Borden, new drill.

>> Triple Crown Resources, LLC, Farmar AC Pooled Unit, Irion, new drill; Farmar AD Pooled Unit, Irion, new drill.

>> WPX Energy Permian, LLC, George 1, Reeves, new drill; CBR 41-44A, Loving, new drill; CBR 41-44B, Loving, new drill; CBR 41-44C, Loving, new drill; CBR 41-44D, Loving, new drill; CBR 41-44F, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4A, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4B, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4C, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4D, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4E, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4F, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4M, Loving, new drill.

>> XTO Energy, Inc., Karino 48-19-30, Pecos, new drill; Bradford Trust A Unit 2, Midland, new drill (2); Aegis 1918-01, Upton, new drill; Aegis 1918-02, Upton, new drill; Frank Powell 30-31, Upton, new drill (4).





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