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When You Need it Dug and Dug Right, Call Diggers

Morgan Mitchell | Posted: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 6:00 am

Do you need a frac pit, receiving pit, a well site pad, road maintenance or right-of-way for pipelines or power lines, or a pit closing? Do you need the job done fast but are worried about the longevity of the job? Worry no longer and look no further than Diggers Oilfield Services! Rest assured in knowing that the owner is right there with you every step of the way. Jason Hunt believes in inspecting and working on every job his company does. Also know that any Diggers operator is trained and supervised by Jason himself.  Most of the time, when other companies do the job and it rains, that work washes out. Not with Diggers. When the job is done by Diggers, it lasts as long as it needs it to, saving time and money.

    Diggers is able to get most jobs done within 48 hours of the time you call. This varies depending on the size of the job and the distance from Midland, but you can rest easy knowing that while Diggers will rush to your job, they will not rush through it. They’ll make sure it’s done the Diggers way.

   Diggers has now expanded into doing commercial pads. “People tell me there’s a waiting time of two years or more for a pad site these days, due to the boom,” says Jason. “You can’t wait that long to get a new business up and running. We can get to those jobs in a short time, too.”

   And for ranches, they do stock ponds, roads/driveways, and they clear land of brush for farming or grazing. It’s a fact. "No project or job is too big or too small."

    Not only are Diggers crews trained in dirt work, they’re on top of all safety regulations. And they even participate in safety meetings weekly. They wear all required safety equipment, from hard hats down to steel-toed boots. Diggers is also fully bonded and insured.   

   Diggers will do any job, they’ll do it right, and they’ll work just about anywhere. That’s the Digger way. 

    So if you’re needing dirt work done on time and done right, call Diggers Oilfield Services. Diggers Oilfield Services is locally owned by Jason Hunt. Call Sara at 432-664-8030 to schedule your work, or email at sanderson@diggersoilfieldservices.com