• March 23: Marvin Lee Allen and Kristine D’Ann Moffett; Manny Ivan Flores and Julia Jael Cedillos; Faustino Baeza III and Joshua Pete Meras.
  • March 26: Tyilye Edwon Smith and Joy Francis Esparza; Juan Garcia Castro and Annette Earlene Morgan; Zachery Adam Mancha and Anisha Renee J. Bradshaw.
  • March 27: Edward Lee Ramirez Espinoza and Jessica Ann Galindo; Adan Lopez Chacon and Elizabeth Lopez; Isaiah Mora and Katherine Kaleen Orona; Joel Arturo Chacon and Jessica Ojeda; Miguel Modesto Garcia and Timotea Gumbs.
  • March 28: Daniel Thomas Lavergne and Christy Lynn Thompson; Erick Alejandro Lopez and Savannah Lopez; Edgar Marquez Valenzuela and Dorothy Marin; Steven Taylor Decker and Heather Rose Robertson.


  • March 22: Bobby Allen Woods and Krystel Woods; Lydia Baeza and Oscar Baeza; Naomi Angel Nunez and Miguel Angel Nunez Jr.; Seth Curry and Sara Curry; Kayla Hiles and Christopher Hiles; Jerry Lee Weddel and Rita Lagail Weddel.
  • March 28: Jung O. Jung and Kl-Rang Jung.