• June 3, 2015

Local Students compete in science fair - Odessa American: Education

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Local Students compete in science fair

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Posted: Saturday, February 15, 2014 8:30 pm

Students from all around the Permian Basin grades 3 through 12 competed this weekend in the UTPB science fair.

While only three from each category won prizes ranging from a calculator to a scholarship at UTPB, senior physics lecturer Doug Young said the children will learn something valuable.

“This is how civilization maintains itself,” Young said.

Not just talking about an organized science fair for youth, Young said the skills learned in following the scientific process can follow the students in their future and are even the same sets of skills used at professional conferences.

Young said this is the starting point for many students, as it was for him.

“It prepared me for doing this kind of thing at professional conferences,” Young said. “I’m always amazed at the inventiveness of students.”

Young said he also found the enthusiasm refreshing, as students often are excited to talk about what they learned in their projects.

Cecil Terry and Jimmy Terrain, two sixth-grade students from McCamey, created a project about air pressure, in which they hypothesized that a can with boiling water placed in cool water would collapse on itself, crushing the can.

Terrain said they began the project after learning about air pressure in school, but their results were a bit of a shock.

“It was kind of half expected, half surprising, because we didn’t think it would work that well,” Terrain said.

Anthony Dragun, a 10th-grade student at Trinity in Midland, sought to define a possible correlation between the number of vehicle wrecks in Midland County and the number of vehicles on the road, with other factors such as infrastructure and driving conditions also playing a part.

While he was not able to find a strong correlation about the number of cars and the number of wrecks, Dragun said his results showed that outside factors played a part in the increasing number of wrecks and fatalities in Midland County.

Young said the top three entries in each individual category won a trophy, and in the intermediate and senior categories – grades 7-8 and grades 9-12, respectively – would advance to the state competitions.

Other prizes, such as MP3 players, cash and scholarships, were also available for students who won in their categories.

Overall Winners

Overall (1st Place):   Kennen Dickens

Alternate (2nd Place):   Ethan Trotter

Senior Division Awards

Behavioral/Social Science

1st:  Shannan Malone     Potter's Hand Christian     San Angelo

2nd:  Haley Grantham   Potter's Hand Christian     San Angelo


1st:  Cason Brownlee   Andrews High School   Andrews

Cell & Molecular Biology

1st:  Lorena Jurado      Andrews High School        Andrews

2nd:  Megan Dutton     Monahans High School       Monahans

Energy and Transportation

1st:  Anthony Dragun    Trinity School of Midland    Midland

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

1st:  Dakota Malone     Potter's Hand Christian      San Angelo

Materials Engineering & Bioengineering

1st:  Kennen Dickens   Cornerstone Christian        San Angelo

2nd:  Bree Bailey         Cornerstone Christian        San Angelo

3rd:  Grace Dirickson    Cornerstone Christian        San Angelo

Environmental Management

1st:  Ethan Trotter     Andrews High School          Andrews

Environmental Science

1st:  Ashlynn Wade     Bohham Jr. High School       Odessa

2nd:  Andrea Ramirez   Big Spring High School       Big Spring

Medicine and Health Sciences       

1st:  Anna Valenzuala   Andrews High School          Andrews

2nd:  Robert Morgette   Andrews High School          Andrews

3rd:  Veena Agusala     Trinity School of Midland    Midland

Physics and Astronomy

1st:  Yanshin May Lee   Trinity School of Midland    Midland

2nd:  Kaegen Baucum     Big Spring High School       Big Spring


1st:  Emily Hinson, Kailey Cottrell, Lauren Starr    Midland High School Midland

2nd:  John Hamilton, Vince Nguyen, Cora Drozd        Midland High School Midland

3rd:  Tristan Rooloff, Oliver Waupic                 Midland High School Midland

Intermediate Division

Animal Sciences

1st:  Trinady Joslin     Big Spring Jr. High         Big Spring

2nd:  Brianna Galindo    Bonham Jr. High             Odessa

3rd:  Brylie Walls       Emerson Elementary          Midland

Behavioral/Social Sciences

1st:  Cameron Marston-Lopez  Washington MSI          Midland

2nd:  Callie Leicht       Big Spring Jr. High        Big Spring

3rd:  Kloe Mata           Big Spring Jr. High        Big Spring


1st:  Hannah Bynum        St. Johns Episcopal School Odessa

2nd:  Yanin Urita         Sudderth Elementary        Monahans

Cell & Molecular Biology

3rd:  Paula Torres        Sudderth Elementary        Monahans


1st:  Angela Legaspi      Reagan Magnet School       Odessa

2nd:  Jordan Ortega       St. Mary's Catholic School Odessa

3rd:  Erin Cadena         Montessori Middle School   Odessa

Earth and Planetary Science

1st:  Sammy Melton        St. Mary's Catholic School Odessa

2nd:  Jose-Luis Vasquez   Sudderth Elementary        Monahans

3rd:  Christian Cordoba   Harmony Science Academy    Odessa

Energy and Transportation

1st:  Haley Hunter        Suddertth Elementary       Monahans

2nd:  Chloe Bustamante    Big Spring Jr. High        Big Spring

3rd:  Tristin Zimmer      Alpine Middle School       Alpine

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

1st:  Sean L. Nail        St. Ann's Catholic School  Midland

2nd:  Garrett Peck        Harmony Science Academy    Odessa

3rd:  Luke Soldan         Big Spring Jr. High        Big Spring

Materials Engineering & Bioengineering

1st:  Breana Scott        Bohnam Jr. High            Odessa

2nd:  Joey Stull          Bonahm Jr. High            Odessa

3rd:  Jacob Martinez      Sudderth Elementary        Monahans

Environmental Science

1st:  Neil Othee          Reagan Magnet School       Odessa

2nd:  Ana Paola Gonzalez  Reagan Magnet School       Odessa

3rd:  Megan Freeman       Bonham Jr. High            Odessa

Intermediate Division (con't.)

Mathematical Sciences

1st:  Reanna Gillian      Sudderth Elementary        Monahans

2nd:  Rowan Colette       Big Spring Jr. High        Big Spring

3rd:  Sarah Flores        Sudderth Elementary        Monahans

Medicine and Health Sciences

1st:  Haley Lavergne      Montessori Middle School   Odessa

2nd:  Caroline Downing    Emerson Elementary         Midland

3rd:  Kagan Dagenhart     Emerson Elementary         Midland


1st:  Andrea Tavarez      Sudderth Elementary        Monahans

2nd:  McKenna Markle      Sudderth Elementary        Monahans

3rd:  Colton Higgins      Bonham Jr. High            Odessa

Physics and Astronomy

1st:  Caedon Gamboa       Reagan Magnet School        Odessa

2nd:  Enrique D. Mangan   St. Ann's Catholic School   Midland

3rd:  Davis Clarke        Reagan Magnetic School      Odessa

Plant Sciences

1st:  Evan Haley          Reagan Magnet School        Odessa

2nd:  Viveck Prasad       St. John's Episcopal School Odessa

3rd:  Thomas Spencer      Alpine Middle School        Alpine


1st:  Ivan Delgado, Ranen Wilson   Big Spring Jr. High  Big Spring

2nd:  Arianna Tijerira, Keana Pena Big Spring Jr. High  Big Spring

3rd:  Nathan Letz, Manual Marquez  Big Spring Jr. High  Big Spring

Junior Division Awards

Grade 3

Behavioral/Social Science

1st:  J. Major Reznik      St. John's Episcopal School  Odessa

2nd:  Anasasia Maronn      Marcy Elementary             Odessa

3rd:  Kamila Ritter        St. John's Episcopal         Odessa


1st:  Taylor Clark         McCamey ISD                  McCamey        

2nd:  Katlynn Nevill       St. John's Episcopal         Odessa

3rd:  Hadley Whytlaw       St. John's Episcopal         Odessa

Earth/Space Science

1st:  Ezaiah Cisneros      Austin Montessori            Odessa

2nd:  Jewel Jacobo         Austin Montessori            Odessa

3rd:  Gisselle Holguin     Marcy Elementary             Odessa

Life Science

1st:  Teresa Rios          March Elementary             Big Spring

2nd:  Zane Billings        Alpine Elementary            Alpine

3rd:  Erynn Lasater        Marcy Elementary             Big Spring


1st:  Angelina Ramsdale    Alpine Elementary            Alpine

2nd:  Christian Masters    St. John's Episcopal School  Odessa

3rd:  Trevor Linder        St. John's Episcopal School  Odessa

Grade 4

Behavioral/Social Science

1st:  Devin Acosta         McCamey ISD                 McCamey

2nd:  Conner Heflin        Sudderth Elementary         Monahans

3rd:  Julia Navarro        Washington MSI              Midland


1st:  Brandon Pokky        St. John's Episcopal School Odessa

2nd:  Lucan Lacy           Washington MSI              Midland

3rd:  Katlyn Young         St. Mary's Central Catholic Odessa

Earth/Space Science

1st:  Michael Stoaks      Marcy Elementary             Big Spring

2nd:  Josiah Ray          Sudderth Elementary          Monahans

3rd:  Jesse Davidson      Blanton Elementary           Odessa

Environmental Science

1st:  Kyler Fife          St. John's Episcopal School  Odessa

2nd:  Angela Aguirre      Reagan Magnet School         Odessa

3rd:  Grace Herrera       Reagan Magnet School         Odessa

Junior Division Awards (con't.)

Life Science

1st:  Chisholm Gould      Bessie Haynes Elementary     Pecos

2nd:  Natalie Garcia      Alpine Elementary            Alpine

3rd:  Sonya Muro          Sudderth Elementary          Monahans


1st:  Colin Gentry        Midland Montessori School    Midland

2nd:  Zachary Rivera      Blanton Elementary           Odessa

3rd:  Taylor Moore        Reagan Magnet School         Odessa

Grade 5

Behavioral/Social Science

1st:  Emma Trevino        St. John's Episcopal School  Odessa

2nd:  Kaycee Clark        McCamey ISD                  McCamey

3rd:  Savannah Perry      Sudderth Elementary          Monahans


1st:  Mason Pokky         St. John's Episcopal School  Odessa

2nd:  Angel Sanchez       Bessie Haynes Elementary     Pecos

3rd:  Katherine Cook (tied) Emerson Elementary         Midland

3rd:  Aubriana Garcia(tied) Bessie Haynes Elementary   Pecos

Earth/Space Science

1st:  Kaitlyn Loya        Bessie Haynes Elementary     Pecos

2nd:  John Alex Cisneros  Austin Montessori            Odessa

3rd:  Madison Biggerstaff Austin Montessori            Odessa

Environmental Science

1st:  Nathaniel J. Hernadez Reagan Magnet School       Odessa

2nd:  Aakash Angirekula     Reagan Magnet School       Odessa

3rd:  J'Lynn Estorga        Bessie Haynes Elementary   Pecos

Life Sciences

1st:  Italia Salazar      Washington MSI               Midland

2nd:  Blake Billings      Alpine Middle School         Alpine

3rd:  Brooke McAfee       Reagan Magnet School         Odessa


1st:  Nicholas Venters    St. John's Episcopal School  Odessa

2nd:  Wallace Gonzales    Harmony Science Academy      Odessa

3rd:  Natalie Sotelo      Sudderth Elementary          Monahans

Special Awards

Senior Division

Mu Apha Theta                                           

Lauren Starr, Kailey Cottrell, Emily Hinson

ASM Award                                                        

Kennen Dickens


US Public Health Services Award                                

Lorena Jurado


Ethan Trotter

American Psychological Association Award                        

Anna Valenzuala

Society for In-Vitro Biology                                      

Megan Dutton

Intel/Yale Science & Engineering Association Award        

Oliver Waupic, Tristan Rooloff        

Intermediate Division


Neil Othee

Broadcom MASTERS Award                                

Davis Clarke, Haley Hunter, Callie Leicht Garrett Peck, Kenley Young

Junior Division

US Metric Association

Brody Smith

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