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Permian Basin Drilling Report: Jan. 10 through Jan. 16, 2013 - Odessa American: Permian Basin Drilling Report

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Permian Basin Drilling Report: Jan. 10 through Jan. 16, 2013

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Posted: Saturday, January 19, 2013 8:43 pm

Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Jan. 10 through Jan. 16 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

  • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Bullhead 55-1-34 Unit, Loving, New Drill.
  • Apache Corporation, Weber, Upton, New Drill; Hall Cowden 42, Upton, New Drill; Blue Topaz State 14, Pecos, New Drill; Barracuda 45, Glasscock, New Drill; Neal 39, Upton, New Drill; McElroy Ranch 117, Upton, New Drill; Lee 59, Glasscock, New Drill; Swordfish 37, Glasscock, New Drill; Huitt 25, Glasscock, New Drill; TXL North Unit, Ector, New Drill (2); FL Woodley, Cochran, New Drill (12); Scott Sugg 1110, Irion, New Drill (6); Tubb, J.B. A/C 1, Crane, Recompletion; Andrews Unit, Andrews, New Drill (6); TXL South Unit, Ector, New Drill (2).
  • Approach Operating LLC, University 45 G, Crockett, New Drill.
  • Athlon Energy Operating LLC, Davidson ’22F’, Midland, New Drill; Davidson 34, Midland, New Drill.
  • Athlon Fe Operating LLC, Edwards 8, Howard, New Drill.
  • BC Operating Inc., Henry, Ector, New Drill; Richard, Ector, New Drill.
  • BTA Oil Producers LLC, 8802 JV-P Fuhrman, Andrews, Recompletion.
  • Burleson Petroleum Inc., Hirt, Glasscock, New Drill.
  • Burlington Res. O & G Co.-Midland, Waddell, W. N., et al., Crane, New Drill.
  • Capstone Natural Resources LLC, M.M. Fisher Estate, Andrews, Field Transfer.
  • Chesapeake Operating Inc., Hueso Salto State 55-2-48 Lov, Loving, New Drill.
  • Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Lupin TXL Fee ‘C’, Ector, New Drill (3); Lasater, Ward, New Drill (2).
  • Cimarex Energy Co., Monroe 1-10, Ward, New Drill; War Admiral 18 Fee, Culberson, New Drill.
  • COG Operating LLC, TXL West ‘41’, Upton, New Drill; TXL ‘43’, Upton, New Drill; TXL ‘45’, Upton, New Drill; Lorena, Culberson, New Drill; Pegasus Field Unit 3, Upton, New Drill (3); Parks Field Unit 2, Midland, New Drill (2); C.B. Haley A, Midland, New Drill; Benge, Marion V. Estate, Midland, New Drill; Sugg 5E, Irion, New Drill; Mann28, Upton, New Drill.
  • Comstock Oil & Gas LP, Roy Rogers 21, Reeves, New Drill; Johnny Yuma 17, Reeves, New Drill.
  • ConocoPhillips Company, University NG, Crockett, New Drill.
  • CrownQuest Operating LLC, Adams West 29, Howard, New Drill; Cypert 48, Martin, New Drill; Free 32, Howard, New Drill; Wolcott 253, Martin, New Drill; Marshall 22, Howard, New Drill; J-OB 11, Dawson, New Drill; Duane 18, Glasscock, New Drill; Nova 33, Howard, New Drill; Annalee 18, Glasscock, New Drill.
  • Devon Energy Production Co. LP, Devaca, Irion, New Drill (4); University 43-13, Irion, New Drill (5); Stroman Ranch, Sterling, New Drill; Mcgee, Mitchell, New Drill; University 49-13, Crockett, New Drill (6).
  • Diamondback E&P LLC, ST W, Midland, New Drill; ST S, Midland, New Drill; Kendra ‘Allocation’, Upton, New Drill.
  • Eagle Rock Operating Co. LLC, Richter, Louis, Ward, Recompletion.
  • Endeavor Energy Resources LP, Blissard ‘20’, Martin, New Drill; Smallwood ‘14’, Martin, New Drill; Strain ‘6’, Martin, New Drill; Blagrave ‘54-59’, Martin, New Drill; Eddins, Reeves, New Drill; Madison ‘27’, Martin, New Drill.
  • Energen Resources Corporation, Daniel -21-, Glasscock, New Drill; Sonja, Midland, New Drill (2); Copperhead 53-14, Loving, New Drill; Bodacious C7-19, Reeves, New Drill; University 40-16, Ward, New Drill; Lavaca -38-, Glasscock, New Drill; Womack ‘A’, Mitchell, New Drill (2); Womack ‘C’, Mitchell, New Drill; Womack ‘D’, Mitchell, New Drill (3); North Westbrook Unit, Mitchell, New Drill (5).
  • EOG Resources Inc., University 38 D, Crockett, New Drill (3).
  • EXCO Resources Inc., Sugg ‘1A’, Irion, New Drill.
  • FIML Natural Resources LLC, Ray 26, Glasscock, New Drill.
  • Hannathon Petroleum, LLC, Cotter 6, Glasscock, New Drill.
  • Heritage Gathering Corporation, Red Moon, Winkler, Re-enter.
  • Highmount Expl. & Prod. Texas LLC, Nixon 177, Schleicher, Recompletion.
  • Jamex Inc., Red Rock, Ector, New Drill; Bennett, Crane, New Drill.
  • Juno Operating Company II LLC, Wood, Clark, Crosby, New Drill.
  • Kinder Morgan Production Co. LLC, Sacroc Unit, Scurry, New Drill (4).
  • Lane Operating Company, W.C. Blanks, Coke, New Drill.
  • Laredo Petroleum - Dallas Inc., Sugg-B-, Reagan, New Drill.
  • Laredo Petroleum Inc., Tex 8, Howard, New Drill.
  • Linn Operating Inc., Knott-Tubb, Howard, New Drill; Gina, Ector, Field Transfer; BG Cox 26, Martin, New Drill (2); Nobles, Midland, New Drill.
  • Mak-J Energy Partners Ltd., 522988, CR Foster, Glasscock, Field Transfer (2).
  • McClure Oil Company Inc., Hannah Kate A, Gaines, New Drill (2).
  • Mewbourne Oil Company, TXL 29, Loving, New Drill.
  • Mid-Con Energy Operating Inc., Padgitt, Crockett, New Drill.
  • Occidental Permian Ltd., Penny Ann, Ector, New Drill; Yoakum Wasson Clearfork Unit, Yoakum, New Drill (6); Gaines Wasson Clearfork Unit, Gaines, New Drill; Gibson Unit, Yoakum, New Drill.
  • OXY USA Inc., Mabee 139, Martin, New Drill; Collie ‘B’, Reeves, Recompletion (2).
  • Paint Rock Operating LLC, Epsy ‘A’, Menard, New Drill (2); 
  • Parsley Energy Operations LLC, Clay 14, Dawson, New Drill; Jrs Farms 22, Upton, New Drill (2); Jamison 40, Upton, New Drill; Jrs Farms 24A, Upton, New Drill; Dusek 45, Midland, New Drill; Dusek A, Upton, New Drill; Dusek 44, Upton, New Drill.
  • Petroplex Energy Inc., Nicole ‘3’, Hockley, New Drill.
  • Phillips, Bob, B & E, Glasscock, Re-enter; Alby Crouch, Glasscock, Re-enter.
  • Pioneer Natural Res. USA Inc., Donald L Hutt Fee, Midland, New Drill (2); McCrary, Martin, New Drill; Rocker B, Irion, New Drill; J Brown ‘5’, Dawson, New Drill; University 3-33, Upton, New Drill; Cook E ‘17’, Glasscock, New Drill; Hughes ‘195’, Reagan, New Drill.
  • Primal Energy Corporation, University 12, Upton, Recompletion.
  • Prime Operating Company, Turner Ranch, Reagan, New Drill (4).
  • Quicksilver Resources Inc., Puckett Trusts (State), Pecos, New Drill.
  • RK Petroleum Corp., Marguerite, Martin, Re-enter.
  • Red Willow Production LLC, Ross Cotton Farms 120, Terry, New Drill; Bennett 26-35, Borden, New Drill.
  • Reliance Energy Inc., Mabee 138, Martin, New Drill; Mabee 240, Andrews, New Drill (7).
  • Resolute Natural Res. Co. LLC, O’Brien 43, Martin, New Drill.
  • Rust Oil Corp., Moss Partnership ‘9’, Midland, New Drill.
  • Saxet Oil Corp., J Walton, Glasscock, New Drill.
  • Shenandoah Petroleum Corp., Golden Bend 27, Borden, Re-enter; Big Red One, Garza, Re-enter (2); LMT 24, Garza, Re-enter; LMT 37, Garza, Re-enter.
  • Stanolind Operating LLC, Beckham, Gaines, Re-enter.
  • Sundown Energy LP, Shannon Estate, Crockett, Re-enter.
  • Thorp Petroleum Corp., Texas American Syndicate 20, Pecos, New Drill.
  • Three Rivers Operating Co. II LLC, Lomax, Howard, New Drill (2).
  • W&T Offshore Inc., University 6-13 Unit, Andrews, New Drill.
  • Williams Oil Company, Holt 130, Reagan, Re-enter.
  • XTO Energy Inc., Goldsmith, C.A. et al., Ector, New Drill (3); Russell Clearfork Unit, Gaines, New Drill.


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