PERMIAN BASIN DRILLING REPORT: May 24 through May 30, 2012 - Permian Basin Drilling Report - Odessa

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PERMIAN BASIN DRILLING REPORT: May 24 through May 30, 2012


Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for May 24 through May 30 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

>> Apache Corp., Cook 21, Glasscock, new drill; Musgrove 16, Howard, new drill; Sau 11-2, Reagan, new drill; Sau 12-2, Reagan, new drill; Sau 44, Reagan, new drill; Sau 44, Reagan, new drill; Sau 5, Reagan, new drill (3); Sealy & Smith Foundation A, Winkler, new drill; Txl South Unit, Ector, new drill (10); University Devonian A 25, Crane, new drill; University Devonian A 37, Crane, new drill; University Devonian O 25, Crane, new drill.

>> Banner Operating, LLC, Hall, Tom Green, new drill.

>> BC Operating, Inc., Henry, Ector, new drill.

>> Berry Oil Comp., Zant, Glasscock, new drill.

>> Brigham Oil & Gas, LP, Shortes 40, Martin, new drill.

>> Burleson Petroleum, Inc., Page Fowler 12, Glasscock, new drill.

>> Callon Petroleum Operating Co, Kristen, Midland, new drill.

>> Canan Mowrey Operating, LLC, Spade B, Hockley, new drill (2).

>> Chaparral Energy, LLC, Johnson 40, Loving, recompletion.

>> Chesapeake Operating, Inc., Humane Society 34-199 Wrd, Ward, new drill; Lindley 55-2-32 Lov, Loving, new drill; Mabee Y, Martin, new drill; University 7-30, Martin, new drill.

>> Chevron USA Inc., Glasscock ‘Ab’ Fee, Sterling, recompletion; Chevron USA Inc., Lupin Txl Fee ‘B’, Ector, new drill (10).

>> Chi Operating, Inc., Montgomery 15, Hockley, new drill.

>> Cipem-USA LLC., Cielo, Brewster, new drill.

>> Cog Operating LLC, Ccp P1, Upton, new drill; Christine, Upton, new drill; Currie, Glasscock, new drill; Hasel25, Upton, new drill; University Ruth, Andrews, new drill.

>> Comstock Oil & Gas, LP, City Of Pecos 13, Reeves, new drill.

>> Conocophillips Co., Cowden, Clyde, Ector, new drill (11); Goldsmith Andector Unit, Andrews, new drill (2); Goldsmith Andector Unit, Ector, new drill (2); University Andrews, Andrews, new drill (2).

>> Crownquest Operating, LLC, Horton 19, Howard, new drill; Sam 17, Martin, new drill; Sefcik 24, Glasscock, new drill; Wilkinson Ranch, Martin, new drill (2).

>> Devon Energy Production Co, LP, Baird, W.E., Winkler, recompletion; Henderson, M.F., Crane, new drill; Mcknight, M.B., Crane, new drill; Stella Jane Swd, Ward, new drill; Stroman Ranch, Sterling, new drill; University 52-10, Crockett, new drill.

>> Discovery Operating, Inc., Bernie Shaw, Howard, new drill.

>> DLB Oil & Gas Inc., Ratliff, Upton, new drill.

>> Eagle Rock Operating Co., LLC, American National Life Ins. Co., Ward, recompletion.

>> El Paso E&P Co., LP, University 43-22, Irion, new drill (4).

>> Element Petro Operating II, LLC, Kent Co. 265-10, Dawson, new drill; Hamlin 26, Howard, new drill.

>> Endeavor Energy Resources LP, Graves ‘27’, Martin, new drill; Mashburn, Midland, new drill; Roddy ‘146’, Reeves, new drill; Shaw ‘13’, Martin, new drill.

>> Energen Resources Corp., Jones-Holton, Martin, new drill (3).

>> EOG Resources, Inc., University 9 ‘A’, Reagan, new drill.

>> FIML Natural Resources, LLC, Divide Draw, Reagan, new drill.

>> Firewheel Operating, LLC, H & H Ranch, Sterling, new drill.

>> G P II Energy, Inc., Montclair, Reeves, new drill.

>> Geomark Resources, LLC, Birge, Gaines, reenter.

>> Highmount Expl & Prod Texas LLC, University 54 5, Schleicher, new drill.

>> Juno Operating Co. II, Bryant, B-1045, Etal, Crosby, new drill.

>> Kinder Morgan Production Co LLC, Sacroc Unit, Scurry, new drill.

>> Laredo Petroleum Inc., Hall 43, Howard, new drill; Hall 5, Glasscock, new drill; J.E.W. 10, Howard, new drill; Lazy E, Glasscock, new drill (11); Lazy E 13, Glasscock, new drill; Lazy E 14, Glasscock, new drill; Lazy E 17, Glasscock, new drill; Lazy E 19, Glasscock, new drill; Lazy E 20, Glasscock, new drill; Lazy E 20a, Glasscock, new drill; Lazy E 7, Howard, new drill; Lazy E 9, Howard, new drill; Tex 8, Howard, new drill.

>> Linn Operating, Inc., Bs Cox 26, Martin, new drill; Greenhaw 39, Martin, new drill.

>> Mid-States Operating Co., Benners ‘37’, Midland, recompletion.

>> Nearburg Producing Co., Peak Victor 76-78, Crane, new drill.

>> Occidental Permian Ltd., Denver Unit, Yoakum, new drill (5); South Curtis Ranch, Martin, new drill.

>> Oxy USA Inc., Mabee 139, Martin, new drill (3); Mabee 239d, Martin, new drill; Mustang, Andrews, new drill (4); Warhawk, Martin, new drill.

>> Pacesetter Energy, LLC, Welborn 20, Andrews, new drill.

>> Palmer Oil Properties, Mccrary, I. N. ‘A’, Garza, new drill (3); Swenson-A, Garza, new drill.

>> Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Morgan A, Upton, new drill.

>> Petrohawk Operating Co., University 12, Crockett, new drill (4); Petrohawk Operating Co., University 45, Crockett, new drill (3); Petrohawk Operating Co., University 51, Crockett, new drill (4).

>> Piedra Operating, LLC, Holt Ranch, Martin, new drill (2).

>> Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc., Curtis ‘S’, Martin, new drill; Curtis ‘T’, Martin, new drill; Hamm, Martin, new drill; Mcdaniel 34, Glasscock, new drill; Sale Ranch ‘L’, Martin, new drill; Slaughter ‘82a’, Martin, recompletion; University ‘3-21’, Upton, new drill; University ‘7-1’, Martin, new drill; University ‘7-35’, Andrews, new drill; University 3-18, Upton, new drill; Xbc Giddings Estate, Upton, new drill; Xbc Giddings Estate, Upton, new drill.

>> PPC Operating Co. LLC, Renderbrook Creek Miss Unit, Sterling, reenter.

>> ROFF Operating Co., LLC, Block Ha ‘7’, Martin, new drill; Mabee Breedlove, Martin, new drill.

>> RSP Permian, LLC, Haag ‘A’, Midland, new drill; Kemmer, Midland, new drill.

>> Sandridge Expl. And Prod., LLC, Argo Knight, Andrews, new drill; Argo Knight, Andrews, new drill; Cc Sentry, Andrews, new drill; Cvx 6b, Ector, recompletion; Knight Watson, Andrews, new drill (3); Rosa Lee, Andrews, new drill; State Houston Co. Timber Co. -A-, Pecos, recompletion; University 16, Andrews, new drill (2); University 17-17, Ward, new drill.

>> Sm Energy Co., Dana, Garza, new drill.

>> Sovereign Petroleum Co., LLC, Holle, Runnels, new drill.

>> Summit Petroleum LLC, Kathy, Upton, field transfer.

>> Tema Oil And Gas Co., J. D. Bodkins, Reeves, new drill.

>> Thompson, J. Cleo, Eagle State 28, Reeves, new drill.

>> Trilogy Operating, Inc., Boa 12, Howard, new drill; Darwin, Howard, new drill; Jbl, Glasscock, new drill; MLP, Glasscock, new drill; Sfo, Glasscock, new drill.

>> Vin Fisher Operating, Inc., University D, Andrews, new drill.

>> W&T Offshore, Inc., University 6-16, Andrews, new drill; Verdot, Martin, new drill.

>> Walsh Petroleum, Inc., J.M. Wright Unit, Cochran, new drill; Wright Unit, Cochran, recompletion.

>> Whiting Oil And Gas Corp., Hutchings Stock Assn, Ward, new drill; Obrien, G.W. Etal, Ward, new drill.

>> Williams, Clayton Energy, Inc., Andrews University 37, Andrews, new drill.

>> Windsor Permian LLC, St, Midland, new drill (2); NW, Midland, new drill; UL4-9, Upton, new drill.

>> WTG Exploration, Rocker ‘B’ 6, Reagan, reenter.