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Permian Basin Drilling Report: Dec. 13 through Dec. 19, 2012 - Odessa American: Permian Basin Drilling Report

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Permian Basin Drilling Report: Dec. 13 through Dec. 19, 2012

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Posted: Saturday, December 22, 2012 7:01 pm

Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Dec. 13 through Dec. 19 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

>> Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Roca 34-159 Unit, Ward, New Drill; APC Fee 1-50 Unit, Loving, New Drill.

>> Apache Corporation, E D Books 35, Glasscock, New Drill; Glass 15, Glasscock, New Drill; Ballenger, Glasscock, New Drill (4); R.M. Noll, Howard, Field Transfer (3); Robin 8, Reeves, New Drill; Maui 5, Glasscock, New Drill; Sugg 0807, Irion, New Drill; Frances Gunn B, Howard, Field Transfer; Scott Sugg 0304, Irion, New Drill; Seth Campbell, Winkler, New Drill (2); Dorado 18, Glasscock, New Drill; Weaver 23, Glasscock, New Drill (3); Hammerhead 33, Glasscock, New Drill.

>> Approach Operating, LLC, Cinco Terry ‘H’ SL, Crockett, New Drill.

>> Athlon Energy Operating, LLC, Tom Ranch 29, Martin, New Drill; Tom Ranch 41, Martin, New Drill; Guitar 6, Howard, New Drill; Leonard 46, Howard, New Drill.

>> BC Operating Inc., Priest & Beavers Unit, Pecos, New Drill.

>> Big Star Oil & Gas LLC, Howard 36, Howard, New Drill.

>> Bluestem Energy Holdings LLC, Hanson 2, Glasscock, New Drill.

>> Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co.-Midland, Waddell, W. N., et al, Crane, Recompletion (3).

>> Cal Oil Company, Carol Sue Reed, Garza, New Drill (2); Carol Sue Reed, Kent, New Drill.

>> Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Pecan Acres 22-C, Midland, New Drill.

>> Chesapeake Operating, Inc., Ross 55-2-46, Loving, New Drill; Macdonald 71 Wrd, Ward, New Drill; Lindley 54-2-30, Loving, New Drill.

>> Chevron Midcontinent, LP, Pfluger B, Tom Green, Recompletion.

>> Chevron U.S.A. Inc., SOA Scharbauer SE, Midland, New Drill (7); Reeves TXL Fee T-7-50-15, Reeves, New Drill (2).

>> Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation, Boyd 3, Howard, New Drill; Tubb 34, Howard, New Drill; Glass 38, Howard, New Drill.

>> COG Operating LLC, Currie ‘E’ State, Glasscock, New Drill; TXL-27, Upton, New Drill; Hayter ‘20’ Swd, Pecos, New Drill; Currie, Glasscock, New Drill; Grandest State, Pecos, New Drill; Glass 8, Glasscock, New Drill; TXL ‘33’, Upton, New Drill; Currie ‘A’ North, Glasscock, New Drill; Rawhide State, Reeves, New Drill; TXL ‘23’, Upton, New Drill; Neal Ranch 76 A, Upton, New Drill; Walrus State, Reeves, New Drill; Big Chief, Reeves, New Drill; Pfluger Consolidated, Reagan, Recompletion; JWG H2, Upton, New Drill; Barbara, Upton, New Drill.

>> ConocoPhillips Company, Chalk, G.O. -E-, Howard, New Drill; University NG, Crockett, Recompletion.

>> CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Sefcik 24, Glasscock, New Drill; Nettie 6, Martin, New Drill; Buzzard 6, Howard, New Drill; Verl 32, Howard, New Drill; Bath 1, Howard, New Drill.

>> Custer & Wright Operating Inc., Mitchell, Martin, New Drill.

>> Devon Energy Production Co. LP, Mayberry, Ector, New Drill (2); Akator, Irion, New Drill; Connell, Hattie et al, Crane, New Drill; Sonoma State 18, Reeves, New Drill; Sherry, Ector, New Drill; Devaca, Irion, New Drill; Lea, P.J. et al, Crane, New Drill; Darling North A, Upton, New Drill; RFD, Ector, New Drill; Mary Ellen, Ector, New Drill; Peggy B, Ector, New Drill; Orellana Water Well, Irion, New Drill; McKnight, M.B., Crane, New Drill (3); University 48-11, Reagan, New Drill; Eagle State, Crane, New Drill; Falcon, Crane, New Drill.

>> Diamondback E&P, LLC, ST, Midland, New Drill (2).

>> Endeavor Energy Resources LP, Jane M Graves Unit ‘SWD’, Reeves, New Drill; Shockley ‘9’, Martin, New Drill; Rosewood ‘45’, Martin, New Drill.

>> Enduro Operating II LLC, Ratliff, Lubbock, New Drill.

>> Energen Resources Corporation, University 28-21, Winkler, New Drill; University 25-17, Ward, New Drill; Benton 3-12, Reeves, New Drill (2); Pecos -42B-, Glasscock, New Drill; Neches -15A-, Glasscock, New Drill (2); Red River, Reagan, New Drill; Blanco -29B-, Glasscock, New Drill; Pecos -42-, Glasscock, New Drill.

>> EnerVest Operating, LLC, University 7-26B, Martin, New Drill (2); Mabee B, Martin, New Drill; Mabee C, Martin, New Drill.

>> Enrich Oil Corporation, Howard, Runnels, New Drill.

>> EOG Resources, Inc., University 9, Reagan, Field Transfer.

>> EW Energy Operator, LLC, Johnson State A, Reeves, New Drill.

>> EXCO Resources, Inc., Sugg ‘10’, Irion, New Drill.

>> EXL Petroleum, LP, Elizabeth, Pecos, New Drill.

>> Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Fee ‘Be’, Midland, New Drill (7).

>> FIML Natural Resources, LLC, Windy Point, Irion, New Drill (2); Barbee 37, Glasscock, New Drill (2).

>> Flag Energy, LLC, Nowlin McBryde, Concho, New Drill.

>> Forge Energy, LLC, Ul 13 Dublin, Andrews, New Drill.

>> G P II Energy, Inc., Montclair, Reeves, New Drill.

>> Griffin Petroleum Company, Leslie, Pecos, New Drill.

>> Henry Resources LLC, UnivSherry, Crane, New Drill (5); UnivTaylor, Crane, New Drill (2).

>> Jetta Operating Company, Inc., Barstow 26, Ward, New Drill; Barstow 27, Ward, New Drill; Barstow 22, Ward, New Drill; Barstow 17, Ward, New Drill.

>> JM Cox Resources, LP, Felmont Owens, Upton, New Drill.

>> Juno Operating Company II, LLC, A.L. Robertson ‘D’, Crosby, New Drill (2); Wood, Clark ‘A’ (B & S), Crosby, New Drill.

>> Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Taylor, Smith, Pecos, Recompletion.

>> Laredo Petroleum - Dallas, Inc., Sugg-C-, Reagan, New Drill.

>> Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Glass 192, Glasscock, New Drill.

>> Linn Operating, Inc., Talbot 26, Howard, New Drill (3); Lindsay 5, Howard, New Drill.

>> LP Operating, LLC, Walker, Coke, New Drill.

>> Maverick Disposal, LLC, Moore SWD, Glasscock, New Drill.

>> McClure Oil Company, Inc., Hannah Kate, Gaines, New Drill; Driver ‘20’, Glasscock, New Drill.

>> Mewbourne Oil Company, TXL 39, Loving, New Drill.

>> Occidental Permian, Ltd., Goldsmith-Landreth /Deep/ Unit, Ector, New Drill (7); Wasson ODC Unit, Yoakum, New Drill.

>> OXY USA, Inc., Mobil A, Ward, New Drill; Collie ‘B’, Reeves, Recompletion; UniversityBrittany, Andrews, New Drill; Braman Minerals, Ward, New Drill (3); Yeary 37, Reeves, New Drill; Ani ‘46’, Ward, New Drill; Adobe, Ward, New Drill.

>> OXY USA WTP, LP, Salt Creek Field Unit, Kent, New Drill (6); Harper Devonian Unit, Ector, New Drill (3).

>> Pacesetter Energy, LLC, Welborn 20, Andrews, New Drill.

>> Parallel Petroleum, LLC, McLaughlin Acct. No. 1, Scurry, Recompletion.

>> Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Thomas 9, Reagan, New Drill.

>> Patriot Resources, Inc., Cape Buffalo 11, Reeves, New Drill.

>> Petrohawk Operating Company, Temple 72-13, Reeves, New Drill.

>> Petroplex Energy, Inc., Western T 8, Midland, New Drill (3).

>> Piedra Operating, LLC, Holt Ranch, Martin, New Drill.

>> Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Bloxom ‘18’, Upton, New Drill; Jones ‘83’, Martin, New Drill; Mabee ‘B’, Midland, New Drill; Donald L Hutt ‘Fee’, Midland, New Drill; Parmer ‘5-317’, Gaines, New Drill; University ‘7-25’, Andrews, New Drill; Dove ‘M’, Martin, New Drill; Texas Ten ‘AA’, Midland, New Drill (2); Texas Ten ‘ZZ’, Midland, New Drill (2); Brooks ‘D’, Midland, New Drill; XBC Giddings Estate, Upton, New Drill; Mims ‘47’, Martin, New Drill.

>> Pitts Energy Co., L.M. Watson, Ward, Recompletion.

>> Probity Operating, LLC, Pro-Select SWD Ector, Ector, New Drill.

>> Purvis Operating Co., Red Angus 48, Mitchell, New Drill.

>> Quantum Resources Management, LLC, Turner Gregory Unit, Mitchell, New Drill.

>> RKI Exploration & Production, LLC, CBR 8, Loving, New Drill (2); CBR 12, Loving, New Drill.

>> Rocker A Operating Company, Greenlee et al. A, Hockley, Recompletion.

>> Roff Operating Company, LLC, Mabee Breedlove, Martin, New Drill.

>> SandRidge Exploration & Production, LLC, Parker Trust 20, Ector, Recompletion; University H, Andrews, New Drill (2); University A 4318, Andrews, New Drill (2); University D, Andrews, New Drill (2); University 1801, Andrews, New Drill (3); University 13-45, Andrews, Recompletion.

>> Seaboard Operating Co., Riley, James B., Gaines, New Drill.

>> Sharp Image Energy, Inc., Double Mountain 56-10, Kent, New Drill.

>> Sheridan Production Company, LLC, South Central Robertson Unit, Gaines, New Drill (2); Warder, Howard, New Drill.

>> SM Energy Company, Roy, Borden, New Drill.

>> Summit Petroleum, LLC, Estelle, Upton, New Drill (4).

>> Telesis Operating Co., Inc., Ul 49-3, Reagan, New Drill.

>> Terrace Petroleum Corporation, Bar F, Lynn, New Drill.

>> Texland Petroleum, LP, Logsdon -B- et al, Andrews, New Drill; Logsdon -C-, Andrews, New Drill (2); Logsdon -D- et al, Andrews, New Drill.

>> Thompson, J. Cleo, Lenox 2, Reeves, New Drill.

>> Three R Oil Company, Adobe Post-Montgomery, Garza, New Drill.

>> Three Rivers Operating Co. II, LLC, Burns ‘A’, Martin, New Drill.

>> Trilogy Operating, Inc., Mabee, Martin, New Drill; Sydney, Glasscock, New Drill.

>> V-F Petroleum, Inc., University 7, Pecos, New Drill.

>> W & T Offshore, Inc., Verdot, Martin, New Drill.

>> XTO Energy, Inc., University BLK 20, Winkler, New Drill.


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