Charles Marie's For Grandmothers

Charles Marie's for Grandmothers in Odessa TX

Charles Marie's - The Grandmother Shop, located in Odessa, TX, offers children and infants clothing, accessories, furniture, toys, bedding and decor, and more. It is a quaint shop unlike any other in the area, and a delight to browse through. In business for over 40 years, Charles Marie's has been named Best Children Store in the Odessa American's Best of the Basin Reader's Choice Awards for 10 years in a row.

If you are looking for unique, quality baby or children clothes in Odessa, the shop offers infant and toddler clothing for both boys and girls ranging from everyday wear to fancy dresses and suits. You can find adorable outfits, accessories and jewelry to make every little girl look and feel like a princess. Charles Marie's carries a huge selection of hair bows, and will even make custom bows to match any outfit, even if the outfit was purchased at another store. This shop also offers a Baby Shower Registry and preemie clothing. We carry brands that are not available in other local stores.

The shop also has beautiful displays of the name brand baby and nursery furniture they carry, that will last your child for a lifetime.


Shoes by: Baby Deer, Designer Touch, Dinkie, Sun & Sand Sea, Itzy Bitzy, Mooshu, Wee Squeak, Keds, Scott David, Ragg, Rachel
Baby Books by: C.R. Gibson, Penny Laine, Terra Traditions
Diaper Bags by: Kalencom, Spolied Little Mama
Baby Bedding by: Kids Line, Lambs & Ivy, The Carousel, Glenna Jean, Ozark Mountain, Blankets by: Little Yellow Chick, Pickles, Max Daniel, Little Me, Lambs & Ivy, Razzle Baby, Kids Line, Elegant Baby
Preemie & Baby Clothes by: Preemie-yum, Feltman Brothers, Mini Clasix, LeTop Baby, NuBaby, Vitamins, Little Me, Tom & Jerry, Cach Cach, Ruth’s Angels, Laura Dare, Will Beth, My Baby, Bbmio, Haute Baby, Banana Hannah, IC Collections, Carriage Boutique, Mud Pie
Size 0-24 month by: Peaches N’ Cream, Little Me, Mollie & Millie, Haute Baby, LeTop, Mud Pie, Vitamins, Bonnie Baby, Baby Essentials, Guess, Miniclasix, Cach Cach, Go Baby, Infinitely Sweet, IC Collections, Laura Dare, Ooh! La, La!, Carriage Boutiques, Twirls & Twigs, Me, Me, Me, Levi’s, Mack & Co, Good Lad, Baby’s Own, Reflectionz, C.I. Castro & Co, Petit lem, Wally & Willie, Jack & Teddy, C.R. Kids
Toddler Girl (2T, 3T, 4T) by: Molly & Millie, Havengirl, Le Top, Peaches N’ Cream, Bonnie Jean,Guess, Me, Me, Me, KAOS!, Iris & Ivy, C R Kids, Kash Ten, Kids Dream, Lipstik, Dog Wood, Giggleboxes, 3 Pearls, Attitude Pie, Lollipops Tots, Cotton Kids, Ooh! La, La!, Mis Tee V-Us, Good Lad, Mack & Co, Swea Pea & Lilli, Levi’s, Laura Dare, Popatu by Posh
Girls Size 4-6X by: Mollie & Millie, Havengirl, Le Top, Peaches N’ Cream, Bonnie Jean, Guess, Me, Me, Me, KAOS!, Kash ten, C R Kids, Lipstik, Kids Dream, Attitude Pie, 3 Pearls, Cotton Kids, Ooh! La, La!, Mis Tee V-Us, Good Lad, Levi’s, Mack & Co, Mallory May, Laura Dare, It!, Jeans, Roxy, Downeast Girl, Giggleboxes, Truly Me, Twirls & Twigs, Pete’s Partner, Iris & Ivy, Sweat Pea & Lilli
Girls Size 7-16 by: Roxy, My Michelle, Guess, Mallory May, Bonnie Jean, Kash Ten, Ooh! La, La!, Truly Me, Lipstik, Havengirl, Downeast girl, C R Kids, Jolt, Laura Dare
Special Occasion Dresses by:Lida, Kids Dream, Lito, Sweat Pea & Lilli, Vanhogh, Crayon Kids
Furniture by: Baby Appleseed, Million Dollar Baby, Lusso
Toys by: Gund, Berrington Bears, Mary Meyer, Stephan Baby, First and Main, Aurora, Christning, Lida, Lito, Sweat Pea & Lilli
Dolls by: Adora
Children’s Furniture by: Teamson, Levels of Discovery
Gift Items by: Mud Pie, Stephan Baby, Molly N’ Me, Elegant Baby
Nap Mats by: Wildkins
Chandeliers by: Molly N’ Me
Backpacks by: Stephen Joseph
Pedal Cars: Airflow Collectibles

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