• May 4, 2016

LETTER: Obama must be voted out - Odessa American: Letters To Editor

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LETTER: Obama must be voted out

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Posted: Saturday, October 6, 2012 3:49 pm

I have come up with a short list of some things Obama has done:

He is the only president since D-Day NOT to go to the

D-Day Monument on Memorial Day, not once, but three times, 2010, 2011, 2012.

He refused to host the National Day of Prayer since 2009.

He decreed in September, 2011, that no religious items (Bibles) may be given away or used at Walter Reed Medical Center, where many wounded soldiers are treated.

In February, he ordered the Justice Department to quit defending the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, thus putting himself above Federal law.

He will not host the National Day of Prayer, but has Iftar dinners at the White House in honor of Ramadan, a Muslim holiday.

He supported proposed construction of a mosque at Ground Zero, but did not support efforts to build a Christian church at the site.

He has apologized for the military burning Korans, but offered many reasons justifying why some Bibles were burned.

He, and Hillary Clinton, supported a proposed U.N. treaty on small arms control, which would have negated the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, because he does not accept that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to possess firearms.

His administration gave billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out Solyndra, and several other “green” companies, which took the money and then declared bankruptcy. Needless to say, the money was never paid back.

And now, he wants us to elect him again? What more could you ask for in an American president? (and I am being sarcastic) I admit, Romney may not be as good a candidate as we could wish for, but he is 100 percent an American. He will maintain our close relationship with Israel, and he will not bow to an Arabian sheikh. Most importantly, he will stand up for the Constitution, and America, rather than being a closet Muslim, like Obama.

I hope the so-called Silent Majority will cease being silent, and stand up and be counted in November. If we have four more years of Obama, the U.S. will cease to exist.