• May 29, 2016

LETTER: City raises are unfair - Odessa American: Letters To Editor

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LETTER: City raises are unfair

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Posted: Saturday, October 6, 2012 3:48 pm

What rock are council members and the mayor laying under? I did not know that our appointed officials were in such great demand. I know for a fact that the utilities, street, police, and others are very short handed due to competitive wages not only in the oil fields but at McDonalds as well. Some departments are short 40 percent of the workers.

It’s hard to get things done with this loss of man power. It was a insult to all city employees including myself to give a extra 2 percent raise with the excuse of “the job market is tough. “ We don’t want to lose any of them and this will entice them to stay.” The 5 percent increase is going to add an additional $155 per month for a vested employee.

By giving percentages the only ones that get big raises make big money. $106 per month, which is what our bottom man starts at, is not enough to even entice new hires. I also have employess that have annual performance evaluations and would be thrilled with $500, half of the city manager’s raise. City Council needs to put the money where the work is getting done.

I hope when the water breaks, alleys need filled, and the bad guy gets caught, we have employess to do the work. If not maybe those appointed officials can hop in that trash truck and get out there and do the job.